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My KPMG Experience

No description

Farida Jinadu

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of My KPMG Experience

About me
Set Goals vs. Achieved Goals
Work on a valuation
Work on a due diligence project
Learn as much as I can about Mergers and Acquisitions
Develop proper work ethics
Improve my powerpoint skills
Improve my excel skill
Develop a good relationship with staff and interns
Set Goals
Achieved Goals
Worked on a due diligence project (Project Quinto)
Learned about M and As from Tope (and put it into practice)
Developed proper work ethics
Improved my powerpoint skills
Improved my excel skills
Developed a good relationship with the staff and interns
About me
Set goals vs. goals achieved
Projects I worked on
What I enjoyed the most
What I enjoyed the least
Name: Jinadu, Farida Yewande
Date of birth: 19th February, 1994
State of origin: Lagos state
School: Babcock University
Course: Law
Hobbies: Reading novels (detective thrillers), writing (mostly poems), cooking (concoctions especially) and watching series (the blacklist, criminal minds, NCIS:LA, etc.)
And i love my family :)
Projects I worked on

What I enjoyed the most
What I enjoyed the least
My KPMG Experience
Lunch with the interns and our 'guest stars'
Working with Tinuke (she is hilarious)
Gisting with Tunji
Tormenting Olumide
Random conversations with Damilare
The Oil and Gas Roadshow with Buki
The IMC report with Tinuke and Damilare
The Insurance presentation with Tinuke and Damilare
The Ropeways due diligence with Anu
Making data books for Anu and Kunle
Managing documents for Project Baltimore (i.e. filing)
Excelled in Faff 101 (The Art of Faffing)
Learning about corporate finance
The people i worked with
Making new friends
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