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Social Media

No description

Ams BM

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Why use
Social Media?
There are many reasons why marketers use social media! One main reason is, social marketing is a simple and effect way in order for companies to interact / understand there users!
It's an effective tool for Brand Awareness
28% Users "Retweet" messages
Age demographic includes 55 to 64 has increased by 70% in 2013
60% Tweeter users access tweeter from their mobile devices
Approx 400 Million tweets are sent per day
Approx 20 Million accounts are fake
Google Plus
500 + Million Total Users
343 Million active users
67% are male users
60% of users login everyday
40% of marketers use Google +
Animate GIFs files are the most popular type of content for engagement
Social Media
1.15 + Billion Active Users
500 + Million Active Users
238 + Million Total Users
27% access LinkedIn via mobile devices
50% of users have a degree
81% of users are professional
42% update their profile regulary
Over 3 Million LinkedIn Company Pages
Over 1 Billion LinkedIn endorsement
Created by Amrol B. Miah
So where to begin?
Firstly you should research ask-re competitors and understand the following areas:

The type of post(s) they are posting?
What are their USP if any?
Can you identify a potential gap?
Consider the type of language used?
Are they expressing themselves from a 3rd or 1st person view?
What brand awareness can you identify and does it live up to their social engagement?
(I gave you a brief introduction)
Aim to post at least 3 content per day
All content can be schedule as I have previously shown you.
Using Hootsuite
Each post should include the following
URL Link
Linking back to ask-re website or/and another relevant site
When you're posting on multiple devices you're restricted to only "
130 characters"
- Therefore keep your post(s) short and to the point without having to compromise on the content itself
You can also post on individual site as well for example, if you wish to post on LinkedIn only, you can, which exceeds the
130 character
limit! This can be easily achieved via

What type of content should you post?

Articles from both internal and external site
Ask-re achievement
Charity involvement
Greetings and Seasonal messages etc..

Remember to add "@" or/and "#" tagging companies, individuals or subject for example:

@ask-re have raised £2k for @marymeals #charity organisation this #xmas! If you want to get involved visit our site bit.ly/14583

Follow ALL of ask-re clients and business partners etc...
Aim to interact with the community by commenting on particular post relevant to the ask-re's services - Try to aim at spending a minimum of 1 hour per day!
Social Media Management or
community manager
is a full time job in itself with many companies having dedicated team(s) members
Talk to Alex Z as she's an expert on coordinating social media and has been using Hootsuite for the past year – I’m sure she’ll be happy to provide you with some hints and tips.
Social Media management does require extensive marketing… I’m not expecting this from you as it does require extensive amount of research, in which I must admit took up a lot of my time.

Your main aim is to keep the existing community engaged, and if you can make the time and effort to interact with the community etc… it's more than likely ask-re will gain more followers/likes.

Social Media does mean
being social!

Reference from Digital Insights Copyright © 2013
Social Media
Use "
" to re-size images
remember every image should be sized
to a square for example "
400px X 400px
This will enable a consistency through out
Main Social Networking Platforms ideal
for ask-re
751 Million users access their Facebook from mobile devices
23% check their account(s) more than 5 times per day
350 Million upload content
75% of all major post are engaged with users in the first 5 hours
Hootsuite Dashboard
Social Networking Management Tabs
Current Active Devices
Search Feature
Once you have scheduled a post
click on this link to view them.
You can also make amendments
Text Box Area
URL Link - Hootsuite will automatically shorten
links this also included YouTube video links
Image Attachment Link
Post Schedule Tab
Word Count
Save Post
Analytic to measure ROI and activity
Log out
Other Hootsuite tool linked to account settings etc..
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