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Me Read?... And How!


Viviana Varano

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Me Read?... And How!

Me Read?
And How Have the Right Stuff Teach with Purpose Let them Talk Bring critical literacy
into the classroom Make reading and writing relevant Use Technology to engage
and facilitate their learning The role of
the teacher Engaging parents
in literacy When asked, this is what students said
they wanted from teachers: Take me seriously
Challenge me to think
Nurture my self respect
Show me I can make a difference
Let me do it my way
Point me toward my goals
Make them feel important
Build on my interests Provide a wide variety of reading material in the classroom and library Allow students choice in their reading Select books that reflect and image of themselves Include graphic novels Include books in series Provide a balance of fiction and non-fiction Use classroom or library organizers to make reading material more accessible Students personal interest in text is connected to the active emotional, mental, and physical engagement they experience and to the amount of success they experience in the engagements.
Children often select visual, humorous, and active texts such as comic books, magazines, and cartoon anthologies. Design a balanced literacy program Use direct, targeted instruction and specific strategies Use differentiated instruction Use a variety of active learning experiences, such as group activities, games, and competitions Use a variety of graphic organizers Teach metacognitive strategies for students to use when reading Word Study Time to Teach: Reading/Writing mini lesson Time to Practice Time to Share
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