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Spaced Repetition Software - Anki

A presentation on SRS focusing on Anki as an example.

Heather Kushion

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Spaced Repetition Software - Anki

SRS SuperMemo and Anki A modified SM-2 based program that can be synced between multiple devices. Sync devices to and from AnkiWeb
Get pre-made decks that other users have made
Study from your browser Workflow Although most reviewing is done using an electronic device, it is sometimes helpful to have pencil and paper ready when reviewing. Makes Learning Fun Long-term Memory The brain learns from repetition. What is an SRS? Question SRS Programs Paper and Pencil SRS or Spaced Repetition Software is a computer program that shows flashcards in increasing intervals of time based on user input and a pre-defined algorithm. Anki 2.0 is available as an iPod/iPhone/iPad app $25.00 Although expensive for an app, AnkiMobile also supports the desktop version AnkiMobile There are 3 families of algorithms Spaced Repetition Software Neural Networks Based off the brain Artificial Intelligence SuperMemo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Leitner_system.svg Leitner System Most Popular! Answer A hint or elaboration is sometimes given, especially with decks that have thousands of cards. New Learn Relearn Anki "Practice makes perfect." SM-0 Initial pencil and paper algorithm. SM-2 SM-15 Most advanced and dynamic algorithm to date. Most popular and basic algorithm, which uses straight interval tables. Developed by Piotr Wozniak Why use an SRS? Spaced repetition turns learning into a game where you make the rules and set your own goals. Response The user will then press the "Show Answer" button if the user:
remembered the answer
thinks they remember the answer
or has given up on remembering Upon seeing the answer, the user then grades the response according to the buttons at the bottom of the window. Interconnected Nodes Less Stress With each repetition, you become more confident in your answers and less susceptible to forgetting. AnkiWeb Device-to-device browser usage + sync AnkiWeb Anki Major card editing + plug-in support AnkiMobile Review on-the-go with iPod/iPhone/iPad Anki SuperMemo The original SRS program, the newest version has the most dynamic and complex algorithm in the world. $25.00 - Free (Platform Dependent) $60.00 - Free (Version Dependent) AnkiDroid Text-to-speech capability + mobility Card Editing Card styling, which can only be modified using the desktop version of Anki, uses web-based languages for formatting and structure. Editing Fields In most decks, there are usually only "Front" and "Back" fields. However, in this deck I have separated them out into individual sections. This makes it easier to apply individual formatting to each piece of information later. It also makes it easy to make derivative cards. All of these controls only effect the display in the browsing window.
The formatting on the cards themselves are controlled separately. Anki uses the same CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) section to format both the front and back of the cards. The .card class is applied as the body of both the front and back of the card. Statistics Anki keeps track of a variety of statistics that allow the user to track their progress and make decisions such as, "How many new cards should I add today?" For example... I set this deck to add no new cards by default. I check if less than 25 cards are due tomorrow and add the remainder to the amount of new cards to be reviewed today. ...And instead Card Styling Card Browser The card browser lists all the cards according to a given criteria. In this case, it is showing all the cards due today. This is especially useful for studying content that normally requires writing or drawing. http://www.calligraphy-skills.com Memosyne Free Like Anki, it is a modified SM-2 based program, but it's only mobile version is for Android. Memrise Free An award-winning website featuring user-made courses that use SRS to teach subjects. Skritter $14.99 Monthly Subscription iPhone and browser application that uses handwriting input to learn Chinese and Japanese
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