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Oregon Hill

No description

Caitlin McNicholl

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Oregon Hill

Oregon Hill
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Background Information
Oregon Hill is a plateau divided between the James river, and Church Hills.
It has been described as an area occupied by the working class, the neighborhood's architecture and streets illustrate the workers primarily industrial workers who lived here.
District of Creativity
Although mostly occupied now by upperclassmen men students and workers, the tone of Oregon comes across as sort of artsy. Very laid back,the area is not to most up kept and it does have organizations that help and volunteer to benefit the community but walking up and down the disheveled streets each town house or row house has it's own individual mark.
O.H.N.A(Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association)
O.H.N.A promotes the best interest of the Oregon Hill
Community, to enhance the quality of life, and preserve
the historical character. Made up of five distinct committee's:
-The first being the Beautification committee, takes responsibly
for the appearance of Oregon Hill improving sights and sounds of the neighborhood.
-The second is the Resident Association committee, addressing the welfare of Oregon Hill residents and the maintenance as well as the improvement among them.
- The third, Community Relations Committee, controls maintenance & relations of improvement of relations of Oregon Hill and it's neighbors, the City of Richmond and the other people and organizations that interact with Oregon Hill.
Oregon Hill & The City
Oregon Hill located between a deep ravine where the once State Penitentiary made the neighborhood very remote. This isolation from the rest of the city yielded the neighborhood this fierce sense of independence. The residents said to being described as "a hardy and industrious fiery race". There were originally 1000 houses, now down to 478, the community is tightly knit, working to keep it's identity with directed restoration and revitalization efforts being made.
Hollywood Cemetery
Example: This wall on pine street had a beautiful stone wall, obviously done by hand of the resident.
William Byrd Community House
-The fourth is the Housing Committee, which takes care of the status of housing and housing opportunities in Oregon Hill.
- The last and fifth committee is the Public Safety Committee. Which handles affairs of protecting the residents of Oregon Hill and improving safety.
Restoring the Community
One of the main social issues we discovered within the Oregon Hill community was that a lot of the houses were in need of renovating. This picture was the only house we came across that was going through the process of reconstruction when there were a lot of other homes that needed work done it to.
Something interesting is that although we only saw one house being worked on by a reconstruction company, there were a lot of residents working on there own house. A lady re-building her fence, a man changing an exterior lightbulb etc. I wonder if it's just the neighbors traditional and historical background or the high poverty rate of this neighborhood.
Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church
Built in 1901, it's located
on the corner of Laurel St.
and Idlewood Avenue. Exhibiting high Victorian Gothic architecture, the church sponsored by Miss Grace Arents, the complex serves as a place for multiple activities. Containing a school, parish hall, library, and faculty residence the church offers a lot to the Oregon Hill community.
This is one of the issue's within the community we saw fit to try and restore. Holly street park approximately 40ft by 100ft perimeter, has a large space that could be taken advantage of to help better benefit the community. Since the park is just empty space, we propose an idea to make better use of this space including the creation of a play ground area with picnic tables a few more trees planted, and even a restroom area.
Holly Street Park
The benefits of this addition to the area
would be tremendous. Helping bring the
community together, creating a area to
promote fitness and playing to a younger
generation, and providing a safe play for
children and families to spent time
together with neighbors and friends

Belle Isle
Originally known as Broad Rock Island. It was first explored by Captain John Smith in 1607
Belle Isle (cont.)
Belle Isle creates a place for people to go to hike, bike, run, kayak, canoe, and hang out with family & friends. Filled with numerous trails, a rock climbing wall, pond, and mini dirt bike arena.
Every year Belle host an annual Mud Run
-The event is held on October 26th, and is a combination of three obstacles

However it is important to note even though Belle Isle is a nice place to go during spring & summer, as it gets colder the water actually gets warmer. Which allows the water to get very dirty and allows bacteria to thrive and spread easily.
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