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CA2 Family Matters

No description


on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of CA2 Family Matters

CA2 Family Matters
First, study the materials that correspond to Family Matters in your classroom.

Also, at any point during CA2, you can participate in the Optional Oral Task in Langblog. This is a valuable opportunity to get some extra speaking practice.
1. Materials (10 -13 October)
2. Optional Oral Task (10 - 26 October)
Share your written work with the whole class (beyond your workgroup) and learn from your mistakes to finish up CA2.
5. Finishing up (24 - 26 October)
: In this step, it is essential that you
follow the guidelines posted by your teacher in your classroom
when giving feedback on each of your workgroup partners' compositions in your workgroup wikispaces.

4. Revision of writing and Oral task in Langblog (19 -24 October)
At the end of CA1, you were assigned a
with a few other students from your class. Now you will work together there. Follow the CA2 guidelines carefully, as there are several steps to the writing process.

The basic idea is that you and your workgroup partners will post your writing in your
workgroup wikispaces
so that you can easily help each other improve your writing.
3. Writing (13 - 18 October)
First, choose one of the topics from the CA2 guidelines and then announce your choice in your

When writing, be sure to write about the topic, to use paragraphs and to check your spelling.
Writing your composition
Following the guidelines posted by your teacher in your classroom
, give feedback on each of your workgroup partners' compositions in your workgroup wikispaces. Please do this as soon as you can, for your partners' sake.

After receiving feedback from your partners, revise your composition.
Writing: Feedback and revision
Share the final draft of your composition (after revising it based on your workgroup partners' feedback) in your classroom Forum's CA2 folder.

Read your classmates' compositions and respond to at least two of them. Remember to say more than merely a few words.
Post the final draft
Create a page for your composition in your
If you have any question about this, please ask your classmates or teacher for help!

Post your composition on the wikispaces page you created so that your workgroup partners can read it.
Post your composition in your workgroup wikispaces
Complete the oral task in Langblog. Remember that you should prepare but are
not allowed to read
your contribution out loud from a prepared script.

Then respond to at least two of your classmates' contributions.
Oral task in Langblog
Complete Error Correction Exercise 2, which is based on errors that you and your classmates have made so far in the course.

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to learn! It doesn't take long!
Error Correction Exercise 2
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