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Word Junkie

No description

Amanda Kordeliski

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Word Junkie

summer reading
new book premiere
Goal: Promote reading for pleasure and facilitate discussion about books in the library.
Problem: traditional book club wasn't working. Students losing interest, unable to attend after school, did not want to read the same book
Attendance averages:
traditional book club: 15 kids
word junkie face to face: 45 kids
online: 79 students
Introduced Edmodo group to allow cross grade level discussion
Promoted online participation
Use school wide enrichment hour for meetings to all grade levels can participate at the same time.
Desktop start screen
iPad login screen
Monthly face to face meeting
Online discussion available 24/7
Book Trailer Premier party
Book Pass
Book Reviews
Book Talks
Advanced Copies available for a post it note review
Summer reading challenge:
Read 5,000 or more pages and come to a pizza party in the library in September. Read more than Mrs. Kordeliski and earn a special treat.
I posted weekly, awarded badges to students who finished a series, gave a great summary, had a high page count, etc.
It's Monday...What are you reading?
Every Friday I posted my reads of the week and page count total.
It's Monday...What are you reading?
Weekly writing contest
Posted links to other summer reading/writing contests

Average page count 3517
16 students qualified for the pizza party
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