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Ethnography; Gold Dusters Dance Team

No description

Caitlyn Young

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Ethnography; Gold Dusters Dance Team

By: Caitlyn Young UNC Charlotte Gold Dusters Dance Team The Gold Dusters is a group of girls who not only love to dance and perform, but also enjoy helping their community. The dance team performs at basketball games and next year, they will perform at the football games as well. Although they aren't considered an official sports team yet, the girls are still without a doubt athletes. What do they do? What are they? Practice Three days a week, the dancers have to be at practice at 5:30 AM until 7:30 AM. Practice is held in the SAC in the aerobics room. From 5:30-6, they run anywhere from one mile to three miles. This is to build the girls cardio and stamina as well as keep them in shape. After their morning run in the arena, the team goes into the aerobics room to get ready to stretch and warm up for their dancing portion of practice. During practice, the team practices across the flooor skills, sidelines for games, and halftime dances that are performed at games. Additional Workouts On the two days of the week that there is no dance practice, there is still team workouts. Workouts are required to build strength in the girls individualy as well as keep each of them in good shape. For workouts, more running is to be done as well as other strength exercises focusing on the abs, legs and arms. Workouts last anywhere last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Though the girls end up being tired and sore, the workouts are good for them and pay off in the end Interviews Danielle Terrell:
Head Coach Grace Wallace: Captain Shana Beeble: Freshman Ashley Bunting: Outsider Michael Woods: Outsider 1.) What and who started the Gold Dusters Dance Team?
2. & 3.) Why is it not officially considered an athletic sport here? What can be done to make it considered one?
4. & 5.) How does it feel to coach a team like this? What is the most rewarding part of coaching a college dance team?
6.) Are boys allowed to tryout for the dance team? If no, then why not? 1.) What sports does the dance team perform for other than basketball?
2.) What makes hip-hop and pom-pom the two main styles for the dance team?
3.) What kinds of community service does the dance team partake in, if any?
4.) How does being a captain of this team make you feel?
5.) Why do you feel the want or need to be a part of the dance team?
6.) What has changed in the past 4 years since you have been on the team?
7.) What do you hope for the team in the future when you leave? 1.) How do you feel about being a part of a dance team in college?
2.) How is it different from high school or competitive dancing?
3.) Why do you feel the desire to be a part of the dance team?
4.) What do you hope for within the next 3 years that you will be on the dance team? 1.) What is your opinion on the Gold Dusters dance team?
2.) How much do you know about them and why?
3.)Why do you think the girls on the dance team choose to do this?
4.) Would you ever think about joining the dance team? Why or why not? 1.) What is your opinion on the Gold Dusters dance team?
2.) How much do you know about them and why?
3.) Why do you think the girls on the team choose to do this?
4.) Would you ever think about joining the dance team? Why or why not? Gold Dusters at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure First place and full paid bid to Nationals ! Some of the Dusters at the walk for Autisim Freshmen on the team What items are necessary to be a part of the dance team? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4560772776883&set=vb.1218455205&type=3&theater Basketball Madness Summer Practice Camp
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