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Alice in Wonderland

video game project

Dale Clay

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Alice in Wonderland

It's all about perspective Video games are designed to let its players be a part of the story. Whether it is through simply picking option one or two, or actual game play, the interactive aspects of video games allow players to contribute to the plot, and in a sense, create the story. Most video games allow you to play the main character or characters and manipulate them throughout the story. Being able to play other characters can give insight to a new side of the story In the game, “Disney Alice in Wonderland”, the main character Alice, is simply a functional or cast character, contributing to game play very little or not at all. Playing characters like the March Hare, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and the Dormouse gives a different perspective of the story. It's all about perspective Works Cited Playing the game The job of the game is simple, help Alice through the 14 or so mission quests to the final boss battle with the Jabberwocky, but protect her at all costs. The playable characters each have a special power or ability that helps accomplish tasks and complete different missions. For example, the White Rabbit – who coincidentally swings an oversized pocket watch in combat – can freeze time. This comes in handy early on as he, the Dormouse and Alice try to navigate a maze that has a nasty root-based creature that taunts the trio and blocks their path through the maze. The March Hare has the power of telekinesis. The Mad Hatter has the ability to warp reality. In the movie In the movie, Alice is a critical part of how the story develops in that she is the one that must complete tasks and missions. The supporting characters are somewhat helpful throughout her adventure, but do not majorly contribute to the story line. The video game gives the other characters more of the spotlight and takes the focus off of this “hero” Alice. The Cheshire Cat can turn invisible The Dormouse has excellent fighting skills. Without the player characters having these special abilities, it would be difficult for anyone to navigate through Underland and complete the missions. Conclusion Being able to protect Alice from the Red Queen and save her when she gets snatched by the cards is one of the ways in which the supporting characters Are made more important. Playing the minor characters in the game make Alice seem very helpless, which is completely opposite of her role in the movie. Overall, participating in events, i.e. playing the video game, gets the consumer more involved in the story. Video games provide players the ability to create stories, wars, and even alternate lives. With these abilities there is more of a connection to the story or plot of the game. Consequently, the point of view of a movie or video game shapes the way events are perceived. Whether you are playing a minor character, or watching the movie from the point of view of the main one,
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