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Odysseus Tells His Tale: Trapped

By: Katrina Hadley, Kamryn Stewart, Izzy Bean, and Kaylie Polston. 4th period, Group 3.

Kamryn Stewart

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Odysseus Tells His Tale: Trapped

Odysseus Tells His Tale: Trapped By: Kaylie Polston Kamryn Stewart Katrina Hadley Izzy Bean * Scared-"Our spirits fell at his words." "Tremor at his loud voice and monstrous size." Physical Characteristics: Wise- Odysseus was too wise to be fooled by the Cyclops. Mental Characteristics Scared- From paragraph 3, "Our spirits fell at his words, in terror at his loud voice and monstrous size." Scared- From paragraph 3, "Our spirits fell at his words, in terror at his voice and monstrous size." Social Characteristics Odysseus does not get along well with Cyclops. I know this because the Cyclops says, "Stranger, you are a FOOL..." and Odysseus wants to kill the Cyclops. Odysseus didn't get along well with Poseidon either. I can tell this because Poseidon wrecked his ship. Moral Characteristics He decides not to kill the Cyclops because he realizes if he does he and his crew will not be able to move the large rock blocking the entrance, so they would eventually die. Trials/Challenges Faced: The Cyclops eating two of the crew. Trying to find a way to escape and kill the Cyclops. Thank you for watching our Prezi!
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