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The Walking Dead

No description

ES56 ES56

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

How do Zombies define human walking?
Zombies spread out and move

How does the zombie's define human's feeling cold ? givo
Cristina, Givo, Manu, Nikki,Yuan.

Rick calls them Roamers (Kirkman)

He adds, "...other kinds of zombies... " (Kirkman).

Human conquerors invade distant land
Roamers Define Human Explorers
Roamers define a trait common in humans
Humans spread out into other land
Why, when & where to did humans leave Africa?
Richard Klein:"fully modern behaviour appeared 50,000 years ago"(Jones)
Roamers define Human conquerors
Roamers define Human caused destruction?
America appears in the map first time (Wiki)
Human greed destroys the native land from coast to coast.
Steiner, "The fur industry created ecological destruction" (51)
British empire at one point of time was known to have spanned across five continents.
Map of the world in 1502 (Wiki)
The migration of anatomically modern humans (Jones)
Picture from AMC’s The Walking Dead
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Donna Says to Rick: "He says his whole body is freezing but he'd almost burn you if you touched him. He's still got his wits though.. we'll see.” (Kirkman).
How do Zombies define human's smell?
Why are they keep eating?
While human are not.
Lack of happiness
Fear of Dying Again
How zombies define human hearing?
Eat Under Stress
Not Hungry but greedy
68%, National Institute of Mental Health
The Human Ear
- Human's presence

- Human's sounds

- Human's foot steps
Zombie Research Panel
Manu, Givo, Cristina, Yuan,Nikki
What are the symbols of Zombies that define humans?
How to Zombies define Humans?
"In 2006 Mellars proposed a new model" (Jones)
Picture from zonealarm
image from Kirkman
Image from Kirkman
How do Zombies define Humans feeling cold?

Plants v.s. Zombies
infinitegroovesmusic's channel
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