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Marketing Plan: PTFE Spacer

How are you going to make a profit?

Mandy Scott

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Plan: PTFE Spacer

Marketing Plan for PTFE Spacer National Ice Cream Retailers Association How will you do it? Cost Breakdown Annual Convention Website 3 Day Convention will Generate... 200 Leads 8-10 Testimonials Major Sales! Seminars Ice Cream Clinics Monthly Newsletter Yearbook Breakdown of all members of the N.I.C.R.A. ALL OF THE MEMBERS ARE... Ice Cream Shop Owners Manufactuers of Ice Cream Machines Past Seminars Have Included: Batch Freezing Techniques Cost Cutting Catering Cake Decorating And Next Year... PTFE Spacer Demonstrations!! Advertisement Opportunities Free News Entries About Your Business and Products Opportunity to Showcase your Product Recieve Feedback $800 - $1,000 Worth of Sales Their Goal: Help thier members to succeed by providing SUPPORT and EDUCATION needed for their businesses to prosper and grow Product Information Contact Addresses, Phone Numbers and Email Ideas Folder Goals for 2011 10 Testimonials $1000 - $1,500 in sales Obtain contact information for all Ice cream shop owners and manufacturers But Remember!!! What you get Marketing & Promtional Ideas Members tested and true practices Network, Network, Network! Attend the conventions and actively participate! Simple Updates Derek Valenza and Mandy Scott Have a Booth Business Cards Brochure Ice Cream Machine Packaging Keep it simple Any Questions??
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