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on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Panama

Stephanie Vasquez
The City of Colón
Why is the city of Colón important to Panamá? How is Colón connected to Panama City?
colon is a very popular city in panama because colon is a tourist destination commercial center and an important sea port. Colon is connected to Panama city by being the Caribbean end of the panama canal.
When was the city of Colón founded, and by whom was it founded?
The city of colon was founded in 1850 by americans who were working on the panama railroad.
Where does the name of the city Colon come from?
The first name of the city was aspinwall after on the railroad builders but in 1890 it was changed to Colon , to honor Christopher Columbus.
What specifically would you like to visit in this city, and why?
i would like to visit Portobelo National Park because you can go scuba driving.
The Panama Canal
When was construction of the Canal begun, and when was it completed?
the construction began in 1904 and it was completed in 1913.
How long is the Panama Canal? What bodies of water does it connect?
the panama canal is 80 kilos long , its about 50 miles. from the deep waters of the Atlantic ocean to the deep waters of pacific ocean.
How long does it take to move through the entire Canal?
To move through the entire canal it takes between 8-10 hours but it depends on the port to port transitting and also depending the vessel side.
What are two other facts about the Panama Canal history that you did not know before reading about this waterway?
The lowest tolls to be dated were paid by a man named Richard Halliburton who paid only 36 cents and he actually swam the Panama canal in 1928.
At the end of the year of 2006, there was exactly 943,092 vessels that were used in the waterways since its debut which occurred in August 15, 1914
What are the characteristics of a pollera? What fabrics are used in its making? Are there any special designs added?
The characteristics of a pollera the gown, the skirt, and the petticoat. For the summer, the fabric used is a very light cotton.
For the winter, the fabric used is wool. One special design is that there are two big "pom-poms" that are towards the center around the chest and the back.

Is there anything found in Spanish history similar to a pollera? If so, what?
in Latin american pollera is commonly known as a skirt which the name is given as a typical Panamanian dress.
What jewelry or hair ornaments can be worn with the pollera?
it usually depends on what pollera the person is wearing an example would be having jewelry wrapped on you're neck and some tembleques which can be used as an hair ornament.
Do we, in the United States, have anything similar to this type of dress? Is so, please describe it. If not, what do you think would be considered the “national costume” of the US, and why?
I dont really think the united states would have a national costume since .
Kuna Indians
Who are the Kuna Indians?
the kuna indians are a tribal who live on the San Blas Archipelage, which are a chain of islands.
What language(s) do the Kuna Indians speak? What is the diet like of the Kuna Indians?
The Kuna language is a Native American language of the Chibchan family. Dulegaya is the primary language of daily life in the comarcas, and the majority of Kuna children speak the language. Spanish is also widely used, especially in education and written documents. Although it is relatively viable, Kuna is considered an endangered language. And Plantains, coconuts, and fish form the core of the Kuna diet
What is a “mola”?
traditional costume of a Kuna woman consists of a patterned blue cotton wrapped skirt, red and yellow headscarf, arm and leg beads, gold nose rings and earrings and the many layered and finely sewn mola panel blouse.
What are two other facts that interest you about the Kuna Indians’ way of life?
I think it’s very creative and inventive that kuna Indians have a unique custom for every single event that occurs another interesting fact that I found both intriguing to me was the high amount of albinism within the tribe.
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