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An endangered animal, Sea Turtle

No description

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of An endangered animal, Sea Turtle

An Endangered Animal, Sea Turtle
What are Sea Turtles??
Sea Turtles are the air-breathing reptiles that have shells.They are most likely to be extinct in the group of reptiles and this is because of their beautiful shells which hunters gather as their shells are expensive and rare.
What are some examples of Sea Turtles??
Sea Turtles are way different than Land Turtles. Sea Turtles can't protect themselves with their shells,but land turtles can. Why don't we take a look at different kinds of Sea Turtles...
Sea Turtle's Habitat
Different kinds of sea turtles eat unique foods related to their habitats.Let's take a look at the point formed information of sea turtle's diet.
Let's take a look at the life cycle of sea turtles.
Interesting Facts about Sea Turtles
leather back sea turtles can eat an amount of jellyfish equal to their body
sea turtles unfortunately eat garbage by thinking that it's a delicious food and die miserably
a green sea turtle can slow down its heartbeat to 1 beat at 9 minutes which is pretty interesting
green sea turtles can stay underwater for up to 5 hours, even though it has to come out, sooner or later.
Hi guys, my name is Justin the Turtle and I'm here to tell you about sea turtles...
Characteristics of Each Turtles
:Leather back Turtle
scientific name
: Dermochelys coriacea
:it has a pink dot on the top of the head. They are like fingerprints for humans which means all the pink dots are actually different
:1.8m long, and weigh 500kg/ biggest in sea turtles
:Hawks bill Turtles
scientific name
: Eretmochelys imbricata
:it has a sharp upper jaw like the bill of a hawk
and has a
shell that
is really expansive. Their shells have various types of colors like white, green, red, and black
: 85cm long and weighs more than 54kg
Behaves like...:Most of the turtles are unfamiliar with humans because of hunters. Therefore, they usually hide in the ocean when they see humans to not get killed by them.
can become angry when sharks or scientists invade their property (only leatherbacks)
walk slowly in the sand
sea turtles gather together to mate with other sea turtle
female sea turtles just go back to the ocean after they lay eggs
:Olive Ridley/ Kemp Ridley
scientific name
:Lepidochelys olivacea/ Lepidochelys kempii
: they have heart-shaped shells which contain greenish and grayish colors.
:61 to 76cm long and weighs about 40 kg. They are the smallest turtles
:LoggerHead turtle
scientific name
:Caretta caretta
:It has reddish-brown oval shell and has a strong jaw. The name, Logger Head was named by its huge head.
:80cm to 1.1m long and weighs 100 to 136kg
Sea Turtle (book) author: Elizabeth Laskey
google.com (for images)
Instead of just looking at the complicated looking graph or something, why don't we just look at the simple world map??
Olive Ridley
Kemp's Ridley
Hawks Bill
:carnivore/ usually eat sponges that have razor-sharp glass skeletons and jellyfish which are really poisonous to humans
Olive and Kemp's Ridleys
: carnivore/ usually eat spiky urchins and lots of jellyfish which are really dangerous for humans
: herbivores (not fully grown sea turtles are omnivores)/ mainly eats sea grasses which makes them herbivores
: carnivore (not fully grown sea turtles are omnivores)/ eats crab, queen conches, and oysters
: carnivore/ eats jellyfish-like creatures called Portuguese-man-of-war that has ridiculously painful sting affecting humans, but not sea turtles
What they eat...
How do they eat poisonous jellyfish and crabs?
jagged stalactites in turtle's mouth
Most of you might think that turtles might die when they eat poisonous jellyfish or something. However, they don't die because of their weird-looking teeth called "jagged stalactites" in their mouth. This thing helps turtles to digest some poisonous sea animals which means that it helps them to be protected from poison or sting. Leatherback and Loggerhead crave this since their main food they eat is jellyfish. It's actually a really important protection!!
Other ways of eating Crabs, Jellyfish, etc
If loggerheads were able to gobble jellyfish, they were able to poke around the coral reef and rocky areas to find for crabs and oysters. When they do find it, they use their powerful jaws to crush the shells.
the life cycle of sea turtles
Facts about Reproduction (mainly about the nesting)
female digs a nest by scooping sand with their back flippers
female can lay 80-120 eggs which is pretty amazing
when the eggs are laid, they are the size of a ping-pong ball
after 60
days, the baby sea turtles called hatchlings destroys their eggs and come out.
if the egg is around 28*c, the
hatchling would be a
male and
if the egg is around
29.5*c, the hatchling
would be a female
we are friends, right dude?
5 hours...
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