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Walking Water

Sieanna's Science Project 2015

Chaisleigh Southworth

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Walking Water

How does water move from one cup of water to another by defying gravity?

How does water move up flowers and plants everyday against gravity?
1. Water
2. Paper Towels
3. Dye Colors
4. Cups

What I used.
This video shows how I conducted my experiment.
I discovered over time the liquid crawled up the tiny gaps of fiber in the paper towels . This is called "capillary action."

This is the same way that plants get their water in the roots, stem, leaves and flowers.

I also did an experiment where I put a white flower in red colored water. Over a few days the flower's leaves turned a little reddish.
Sieanna's Science Project 2015
Please cut and paste the You Tube link into a new window.
2 hours
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