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Sophie, Eerika, Sara - Edward Thomas "Lights out" Analysis Presentation

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Sara Friis Elsass

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Sophie, Eerika, Sara - Edward Thomas "Lights out" Analysis Presentation

Lights Out
By Edward Thomas The rhyme scheme is: aa, b, cc, b 6 lines per verse
5 stanzas Symbolism/Metaphor Death is peaceful like sleep “lights out” significance of the title Rhyme Explaining from a dying person's perspective what it is like to die Tone/Mood Dark, mysterious, uncanny, peaceful, melancholy, nostalgic, blue. Edward Thomas He wrote this poem in 1913, 2 years before going to war. Edward Thomas was a war poet many of his poems dealt with his war experience.
Edward Thomas died in 1917. What we got from this Poem This poem is about dying and how it is like falling asleep.
He talks about getting lost in a forest and how he must enter alone. This makes us think that it is peaceful. He also says in the fourth stanza

There is not any book
Or face of dearest look
That I would not turn from now
To go into the unknown
I must enter and leave alone
I know not how.

This made us this that he is willing to die. I have come to the borders of sleep,
The unfathomable deep
Forest where all must lose
Their way, however straight,
Or winding, soon or late;
They cannot choose.
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