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Jim Crow Laws


Kevin Velazquez-Perez

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws
Who was Jim Crow?
Jim Crow comes from the song "Jump Jim Crow" which was played during a minstrel show.
Jim Crow became so famous that it became a derogatory term for African Americans and became synonymous with their segregated life.
What Impact Did Jim Crow Laws have On Society?
Although these laws were only made to separate they only added to the racism and stigma towards colored people.
These laws made people of color seems useless and often times oppressed them and belittled them.
The laws favored white skinned people and kept people of color in lower positions. Schooling and jobs were often times restricted for whites only.
Although those laws are gone they still carried the racism from past generations.
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What Are Jim Crow Laws?
Jim Crow laws were a series of laws that legally separated people of color from white skinned people.
These laws were set into place on 1877 and ended roughly around the mid 1960's.
These laws prohibited white and blacks from ever being together.
Although mostly predominate in the south these laws were wide spread in the northern states.
By: jack and kevin
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