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Laser Tag

No description

Miguel Gonzalez

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Laser Tag

Vision & Mission
Corporate Code of Ethics
Business Footprint
Macro environmental Scan
SWOT Analysis
Laser Elite will be a partnership because in a partnership we all have equal responsibilities. We all share assets and profits as well as liabilities. Also as a partnership it is less expensive and less paperwork to fill out.
Our mission is to provide a unique experience for the whole family. We want to be a friendly place where families can come and enjoy playing laser tag at an affordable price. With our excellent customer service we will make your experience at Laser Elite the best yet.

To be the safest, family friendly, most successful laser tag facility in Washington.
We hope to encourage the highest level of standards for the industry we work in and to inspire and achieve common values, missions, and goals.
Rule #1 Create an environment that is safe.
Rule #2 Market responsibly
Rule #3 Treat people fairly no matter race, religion, age or sexual orientation.
Rule #4 Compete Fairly
Rule #5 Respect the environment.
Technology- With all the technology nowadays such as cell phones and computers it will make advertisement and running our business much more easier.
Economic Factors- The economy is doing better than it was a few years ago which means people have more money to spend. But as good as the economy is right now, it could go down in the future in which would bring our revenue down.
Social Factors- Parents are concerned with the amount of exercise that their children exert. With having Laser Elite it would attract the children to play but it will also serve as some exercise for them.

• No Competition- The closest laser tag building is in Shoreline, Washington.
• Year-round
• Not expensive for customers- $8 per person for a game.
• Equipment Price- More affordable than paintball.

• Low population- target market in Wenatchee area =22,364 .
• High startup costs- We would need loans and investments.

Made By: Colette, Samuel, Clayton, Miguel, Ramon, Kenia and Nicole
Lazer Elite
Competitive Advantage
Start up Capital
• People traveling = Tourists
• Population Increasing
• Bad weather- Good for us because we are indoors.
• Low cost of electricity-
Washington-Kwh= 2.7cents VS.
Kwh 34.65 cents in Hawaii
• Liability Issues (someone getting hurt)
• Laws and regulations- Pertaining to gun usage.
• Weather- In the summer people want to be outside.

Executive Summary
Lazer Elite is an indoor lazer tag business that is designed to help give the community a physical activity to do at a great price. Our overall goal is to reach children, teens, young adults, and families to come enjoy a safe but active participating game. As owners we wanted to create a business that was going to help the community by incorporating a recreational activity indoors all year long and lazer tag seemed to fit perfectly. We wanted to reach as many ages as possible by creating extra programs along with just normal game play by also having birthday parties and competitions. This should reach an age market from 5 years old to 29 on average. Another way we wanted to benefit the community was to stay open late, so young adults and teens have more proactive and safe activities to do. While in our facility, we will have a snack bar and waiting/gaming room with Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4's so customers have something to do while waiting for their lazer tag game to begin. Also they can stay after and hangout with friends.
This business is going to be an amazing fit in this community because of the wide range in age groups, the price, but also at the experience that they will have at Lazer Elite. The lazer tag game room will be filled with bright colored lights, equipment barriers of all different shapes and sizes to hide behind, and of course the equipment the customer needs while playing the game. We equip our customers with the latest technology in each vest, sensor, and gun; and will bring another level of excitement into each game that is played.
East Wenatchee
YMCA, Bowling Alley
Icicle Junction

Open all year long
Variety of different actives for all age groups
Gym, Classes, personal trainings
Pro shop
Large clientele and long term customers
Family friendly
Open all year long
Variety of Indoor activities
Gym, classes & activities
Basketball Quarts
Racquetball Quarts
Rock wall
Extra programs:
Day programs for kids,
Summer camps & kids classes
Family Friendly
Bowling Alley:
Available all year long
Arcade & pool tables
Food, Drinks, & Alcoholic beverages
Not extremely expensive
Family Friendly
Surrounding Cities
Male & Female Populations Ages 5-29
East Wenatchee
Rock Island
TOTAL: 22,364
Marketing Plan
Products and Services provided
Online Virtual Tour
Team up with Wenatchee Valley College and Gateway Cinema
Discount if picture is posted on Social Media.
Word of Mouth
Human Resources
In order to achieve our initial business plan, we will require a funding totaling $500,000.00
that is to be paid back over an estimated minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years. Fortunately, we have received a large donation of the aforementioned amount by Sam Deich, three-time World Series of Poker champion.
Costs (estimate):
• Rent and Property Taxes: $50,000.00
• Construction: $250,000.00
• Inventory (equipment, office expense): $100,000.00
• Wages (First Year): $100,000.00
Total: $500,000.00

What: There are no laser-tag activities within 100 miles
of the Wenatchee Valley. We service an entire region of potential customers, as well as customers from beyond our local demographic. With two full size arenas, we offer a fun laser-tag experience for many.
Why: Our high quality equipment, state-of the art facilities, and friendly staff will appeal to our target demographic of people ages 5 to 29. Our snack bar provides delicious refreshments to our customers at reasonable prices. Our gaming area encourages our customers to relax and pass time while waiting for a new laser tag session. All of these assets distinguish our business from our local competitors.

The first laser tag arena in Wenatchee Washington, "lazer Elite"! Our company is opening a state of the art facility offering high intensity laser tag entertainment to the community; This space will also offer a fully functioning video arcade consisting of PlayStation 4's and xbox 1's, birthday party room, corporate meeting center and a snack bar. The snack bar will also offer merchandise and memberships to the customers. We are targeting the ages (6-30) during the hour of (10am-12pm) all day, evenings will be for competitive and recreational play which includes renting the space for large group events, we will be doing league events all weekday evenings also. We are also offering corporate team building events for companies look to create a unique bonding and training experience for their teams.
Primary & Secondary Research
Secondary Research:
Cashmere: 1,044
Leavenworth: 561
Chelan: 1,174
Entiat: 356
East Wenatchee: 4,732
Quincy: 3,055
Rock Island: 316
Wenatchee: 11,126

Total: 22,364
Male & female ages 5-29
Lazer Elite is in the business of fun, and that means for our Employees as well as our Customers. We believe that the right people thrive in our fun and relaxed working environment.

Our Employees are unique individuals combining high energy, a strong work ethic, and a competitive spirit! Lazer Elite Employees are friendly and outgoing with a strong people orientation. They love to have fun, have a great sense of humor, and are excellent communicators.

In order to be qualified to work at Lazer Elite you must have:
• highly proficient and creative at solving problems
• Excellent customer service skills.
• Ability to communicate
• General knowledge of computers, cash register, various electronic devices, and various software. Cash handling experience desired.
• Excellent organizational skills
• 4 year college degree or 5 years experience in a management role or an equivalent combination is preferred.

We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package to include:
• Free 2-hour sessions every two weeks
• Paid week vacation
• Life Insurance
Our job offers will be posted on radio, high schools, and craigslist.

Target Market
Age group of 5-17
Divorced/married Parents
Parents $60,000 + income
Play video games
Use social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook)

Psychographic: Outgoing. Likes to spend time with friends and family. Enjoys playing video games. Likes to be competitive.

Age group 18-29
1 or more son/daughter
$60,000+ Income
Use social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook)

Psychographic: Spends time with family and kids. Enjoys competitive gaming.

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