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Public Housing projects

Maria Camila Arroyo Romero

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Problem

A social situation in Colombia that needs a change PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECTS 70% of constructions are of housing Do you know how many houses there are in Bogota? 57% 43% legal construction
high quality of life
healthiness illegal construction
low quality of life
poor living conditions
diseases How many people live in Bogota?
Bogota has around 7.000.000 population THE HOUSING SECTOR IS IN CRISIS!!! There is a social problem with the quality of housing and with the lack land to build land: 328 hectares
located in Soacha
"Green City": 57 acres of public parks and green areas, cycle routes and linear parks, high proportion of public space. The Macro Project
Green City Approximately 42,000 homes are planned, equivalent to a population of 160,000!!! BUT A solution to the problem of housing is the macro projects that consider the quality factor!! INFORMAL CITY FORMAL CITY Do you know if those houses are formal or informal? Chia



Funza Soacha
Mosquera EXAMPLE IN PATIO BONITO Does the housing respond to the needs of a diversified society? Does it contribute to the improvement of the quality of the city and the territory? nuclear extended nuclear nuclear with renters Are they thinking about the quality of life of users and the product? commerce MIX OF
USES sector flows support activities
+cultural development
=economic progress SUPPLEMENTARY COMPATIBLE community kitchens
communal laundries
community halls
trade correspond to the city sector relations, densification, activities and uses importance of pedestrian and bicycles VLAC PROJECT Singles available for optional use public / private / collective
spaces MIX USES commerce
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