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Alyssa Radina Martinez

No description

Adale Helms

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Alyssa Radina Martinez

Alyssa Radina Martinez
September 11, 2000 - January 4, 2014
Alyssa loved to sing, in fact that is what she wanted to be as a grown up. A singer. And she worked and worked so hard to get to where she was at and she got so far too. She was absolutely AMAZING! Her favorite singer was Christina Grimme and would have done anything to meet her
She loved all of her friends so much.
Alyssa Radina Martinez
you will be missed dearly
She was always so funny and looked to brighten up everyone's day.
She loved her family so much
Her Favorite songs were:
Lego House- Ed Sheeran
Say Something- Christina Aguilera & A Great Big World
Titanium- Christina Grimme
Talking to the Moon- Bruno Mars
I Won't Give Up- Jason Mraz
She loved to skateboard all the time
Alyssa was the sweetest girl anyone could ever meet, her appetite was just as big as her heart, especially when pickles came into the picture. She loved to make people laugh and smile and hated to see anyone cry or get upset.
Alyssa, we will all miss you everyday, and we are so upset that you had to go, but we are all so grateful for you to come into our lives and brightened us up with your beautiful smile, and we are all happy that you are in a better place now. We all love you, and we will all see you one day
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