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Justin and Jake's Math Project

No description

Justin Kwok

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Justin and Jake's Math Project

Celine has 50 dollars to spend on her lunch date with her grandmother. The rest of the money (15 dollars) will go to the tax and tip.
Justin and Jake's Math Project Thingy
Strategy #1
t= maximum amount of money Celine can spend
Strategy #2
Strategy #3
Celine has $65 to spend for her lunch date with her grandma. She knows that there is about a 10% sales tax on food. She also knows that she wants to leave a 20% tip for the wait staff (the 20% tip is found from the subtotal before tax is added). What is the greatest amount she and her grandmother can spend on food so that she has enough money to cover tax and tip?
Summary of Math Skills and other stuff

$65 | 130%
$5 | 10%
$50 | 100%

Answer is 50

Ratio Table
divided by 13
divided by 13
multiplied by 10
multiplied by 10
t=max amount of money that Celine can spend
To solve this problem, we used the math skills Josie taught us such as
Ratio Tables
. We formed the equation in solution 1 by taking the tax and tip away from the total amount of money that Celine pays. For solution 2, we found "
bench mark
and used them to find the total amount of money that Celine pays. For solution three, we
the total amount of money that Celine had into 130% and subtracted the tax and tip from the total amount of money. To see if we were correct or not, we worked "backwards" when solving the equations by replacing the
with our answer. For our ratio table, we took the
and "rode the layers back up", meaning that we worked backwards.
Strategy#1- Justin
strategy#2- Jake
Strategy#3- Justin
Results- Jake
Summary of math skills- Justin and Jake

Being awesome- Jake

Being more awesome than Jake- Justin
(Just Kidding)
Thanks for Watching!
Just kidding...
Oh, and before we forget, here's a pretty cool math equation...
(having a seizure)
Yay Math?
("well, hello...")
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