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Personalize Your Template

No description

Sandra Bennett

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Personalize Your Template

Personalize Your Template
Hello Everyone! My name is Sandy Bennett. I am the facilitator for this course.

I am an Instructional Technologist for the Educational Technology department and an Adjunct Instructor for the College of Education.

Recipient of 2013 and 2014 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course

Credibility, Publications & Media Mentions:

Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS)
Magna Publications, Inc., Online Classroom
Visual Design for Online Learning (Jossey-Bass Guides to Online Teaching and Learning)

Getting Started
What is PYT?
Personalize Your Template is designed for HOT certified faculty who are interested in incorporating more advanced technologies into their course templates. During this 5-week self-paced class, you will learn numerous tools that you implement directly into your LIVE online or hybrid course.

PYT is offered 6 times a year, roughly 6-7 weeks before the start of a block.


Module 1
recaps some of the skills you learned in HOT while also highlighting some very basic personalizations that you can make to the foundation of the course.
Module 2
teaches you how to use Snagit and Kaltura. These extraordinary tools allow you easily to create screenshots of your computer and even create and upload videos. You use Snagit or Kaltura at the end of this course to create a video tour of your personalized template.
Module 3
is on communication, both audio and written. Voice Thread will be introduced. Written communication includes how to create a blog, a wiki, a discussion board, and journal.
Module 4
is all about assessment tools. You learn how to edit grades, re-organize and delete columns, and perhaps most exciting, how to create and use rubrics for grading. You are also exposed to SafeAssign as many courses now require students to submit their work through this plagiarism prevention service.
Lastly is
Module 5
where you review best practices for an online course. Video tours of exemplary courses from Wilmington University's online faculty demonstrate some of tools and techniques you learned over the past few weeks. This course culminates with you using Snagit or Kaltura to create your own video tour of your course template that is shared with your Chair and Online Learning department.

As a Graduation gift, you receive your own free version of SnagIt!

Course tours will be shared with the chair of your department to show them your commitment to exemplary teaching.
The goal of PYT is to provide you with a high-tech, high-touch approach in order for you to use more advanced technologies to enhance your online classes.

Start Here Activities:
Review the Menu bar on the left to become familiar with the course layout
Introduce yourself to the class in the Introductory Discussion Board

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