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If the world were a village of 100 people


on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of Race

Directions: Place the following numbers in the appropriate blanks:

1 57 50 21 6 70 59 52 30 1 80 70 1 48 8 6 1 14

If the world were 100 people there would be:

____ Asians

____ Europeans

____ North and South Americans

____ Africans

____ females

____ males

____ nonwhite, ____ white

____ percent of the entire world’s wealth would belong to only ____ people and all ____ would be citizens of the United States.

____ would live in substandard housing.

____ would be unable to read.

____ would suffer from malnutrition.

____ would be near death.

____ would be near birth.

____ would have a college education.

____ would have a computer.
Define and understand Race and ethnicity.
Define and understand minority and majority. Define and understand perceptions and misperceptions.

The Herman Grid:
By staring at the black squares, you will see gray dots appearing at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical white lines.
What do the boxes represent? What do the gray dots represent?
The gray dots are an example of how we sometimes see things that are not really there (misperceptions) when we are trapped in our boxes.
If the world were 100 people there would be:

57 Asians

21 Europeans

14 North and South Americans

8 Africans

52 females

48 males

70 nonwhite, 30 white

59 percent of the entire world’s wealth would belong to only 6 people and all 6 would be citizens of the United States

80 would live in substandard housing

70 would be unable to read

50 would suffer from malnutrition

1 would be near death

1 would be near birth

1 would have a college education

1 would have a computer
Let's partner up and work
together for the next activity!
According to the statistics, which ethnic group is a minority? which ethnic group is a majority?

Which country has all of the money? Why?

Which statistic surprised you the most?

How does this activity relate to the Herman Grid? How is it related to perceptions and misperceptions?

If our perceptions about the world are not accurate, then how accurate are our perceptions of our own country, state, community, school and other individuals?
1. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as by physical characteristics.
2. A group of people classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution
3. Humans considered as a group.

is a group of people whose members identify with each other, through a common heritage, often consisting of a common language, a common culture (often including a shared religion) and/or an ideology that may also stress common ancestry

refers to a group that is smaller in population size and does not control economic, political and social resources.

refers to a group that is larger in population size and controls economic, political, and social resources.

awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation; physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience and is shaped by learning, memory, and expectation.

to be deceived by ones own awareness and to interpret experience, learning, or memory incorrectly.
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