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Dan Lechleider

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Dubai

Monday, March 5th, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Material Culture
Symbols and Gestures
Food, Weddings, and Holidays
Some of the most popular foods in Dubai are,Shawarma,Hummus, and Stuffed Camel.

Religion and Beliefs
Some of the cars, clothing, restaurants and other things seen in Dubai
Islam is the official religion of Dubai. The people of Dubai believe that Allah is the one and true God.

Language of Dubai
The main language spoken in Dubai is Arabic. Other languages spoken in Dubai are Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Bengali, and Malayalam, in addition to many other languages.

The UAE is built on generations of Islamic traditions which are rooted firmly in its culture and tribal heritage. The Emirati are friendly people who show tolerance and an open minded approach to visitors in their country In the last 30 years, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the other Emirates have gone through a total transformation from small Arab trading ports into modern cities. The culture and laws in the UAE are designed to ensure that everyone is respectful of each other regardless of their faith and nationality. Visitors and residents alike should avoid types of improper conduct and behaviour which can otherwise lead to fines, imprisonment and deportation. Emirati dress conservatively in traditional dress and can be offended when people dress inappropriately or not in accordance with Islamic values. In public places such as shopping malls, restaurants and parks, you are encouraged to dress appropriately. Clothing should not be transparent, indecently expose parts of the body or display offensive pictures or slogans. Be careful as well if you are tattooed with what could be deemed offensive images or slogans, if in doubt cover up. Be aware that if you enter one of these areas dressed inappropriately you may be asked to leave. Swimwear should not be worn in any other area outside the beach, water parks, or swimming pools.

By Dan Lechleider and Devin Atariguana
Holding the fingers in a pear shaped configuration and moving hands slightly up and down is a gesture to slow down or wait, in the UAE culture.
The Crescent Moon Tower is supposed to be erected in Za’abeel Park in Dubai, UAE. It will be a 33 storied building on the banks of the Caspian Sea. It will be a down-turned half moon and will symbolize Dubai as belonging to the Islamic world.
According to Sharia’ah law, wedding must be performed in the Marriage Section of Islamic Courts. Both bride and groom must be UAE citizens or hold a valid UAE residence visa.
The groom must be Muslim and the bride can be of any religion.
January 1, New Year’s Day

. January 12, the Prophet’s birthday

. May 26, Israa and Miraj night

. June 28, Ramadan expected to begin

. July 28, Eid Al Fitr

. October 3, Arafat Day

. October 4, Eid Al Adha

. October 25, Hijri New Year

. December 2 and 3, National Day

Values, norms and taboos
Values- Dubai, the second largest of the seven emirates, is ruled by the Al Maktoum family. It occupies an area of approximately 3,900 kilometres, which includes a small enclave called Hatta, situated close to Oman, amongst the Hajar Mountains. Dubai, the capital city, is located along the creek, a natural harbour, which traditionally provided the basis of the trading industry.
Taboos- •Don’t point the toe or heel or any part of the foot at any person.
•Don’t show the sole of your foot or use the foot to move anything as it is viewed as the lowliest body part.

Good manners and courtesy are prized attributes. Always arrive on time for a meeting, however, know that punctuality is not considered a virtue in the Arab world, and people are often kept waiting before, or during, a meeting. Be patient, and do not take it as a lack of respect.
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