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City of Glass

No description

Haley Stanton

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of City of Glass

City of Glass
By: Haley Stanton
The Mortal Instruments
Rising Action
Clary and Luke land in Lake Lynn, which poisons Shadowhunters like Clary.
As they make their way to Idris (so she can get healed), she
starts hallucinating. Luke rushes her to his sister, Amatis, and she heals Clary. During the time she is being healed, Malachi (the Inquisitor) tells Alec he will safely portal Simon back to New York, but he actually keeps Simon hostage because he wants Simon to lie that he works with Vlaentine (the villain). Afterwards, Clary sneaks out to talk to Jace (her brother she recently found out was her brother, so they had to break up), who is at another person's house, and he's furious. He said she's just a weight on their shoulders and doesn't think before she acts. She runs out and Sebastian, who Jace and the Lightwoods are staying with, offers to lead her back to Amatis's and she accepts. When she arrives at Amatis's house, she tells Sebastian she came to Alicante illegally to find Ragnor Fell. After she goes inside, she and Amatis have a fight and Clary runs to her room. While this is happening, Simon refuses to "admit" that he works with Valentine, so Malachi says he will starve Simon and so he leads Simon back to the dungeons. Sebastian throws rocks at Clary's window and says he knows where to find Ragnor Fell, so Clary dashes outside. He leads her to Ragnor Fell, and she is shocked to find out Magnus was there and Ragnore wasn't. She was about to tell Sebastian that wasn't Ragnor, but Magnus freezes
him. Magnus says there was demon scent there, and Ragnor was killed. Magnus says he knows how to wake Clary's mom, and that he needs a rare spellbook to wake her. He says the book is hidden at Valentine's old house, and that the house is full of tricks. He also says there's only one person who can
go through it without getting confused: Jace.
Falling Action
Jace, along with the others, arrive moments after the speech is over. They have a conversation for the rest of the day, and when dusk comes, Jace leads Clary to Amatis's. When she goes inside, he stays on the steps watching out for her and thinking while fiddling with a piece of thread. As this happens, Simon tries to cheer

Izzy up about Max and succeeds. Jace tells Luke he is going to track Sebastian and that he left a note for his friends and sister. He tracks Sebastian to a cave and hides inside. He eavesdrops on Sebastian's and Valentine's conversation, and hears that Valentine experimented on another Shadowhunter by putting angel blood in her drink and that Valentine knows that the last Mortal Instrument is Lake Lynn. At the same time, Clary sees her mother and her heart drops. She starts fighting with her mother and realizes how angry she is that her mom hid the Shadowhunter world from her. She then runs to the roof and Simon comes to join her. After this happens, Valentine leaves the cave, Sebastian tells Jace to come out and fight, and Sebastian ends up knocking Jace unconscious. While Jace is unconscious, Clary, on the other hand, gives a speech on how she can make Shadowhunters and Downworlders one by a rune. After some arguing, the Clave agrees and they prepare for battle. Clary's mother then tells Clary her past and Clary realizes Jace isn't her brother. Later, Jace wakes up in a field tied to a tree. Sebastian opens a portal and demons pour out. Jace convinces Sebastian to let him free and they start fighting again. While they're fighting, everyone in Idris goes to battle and Clary creates a portal to Lake Lynn, where Valentine is. She wakes up and finds that she has a Silent rune applies to her and a Binding rune, which makes her unable to speak and moves her arms or legs. Jace ends up killing Sebastian and faces Valentine. Just as Jace was about to kill Valentine, Valentines kills Jace. Claryis stunned by makes her way to a circle of runes. She creates her own rune, and when Angel Raziel appears, the Angel now obeys Clary instead of Valentine. She orders The Angel to kill Valentine and revive Jace. He says he will if she closes her eyes. She does so and wakes up to find Jace looking at her. Along with Valentine's death, the demons run
off and Jace and Clary make thei way to Idris. Clary says he is not her brother,
and when they arrive to Idris, a celebration is held. Luke tells Jocelyn
(Clary's mother) he loves her, and she says she loves him too.
Lastly, Jace and Clary end up getting back together
because they're not brother and sister.
Plot Chart
Angelic Rune
Clary Frey's mother is in a coma from an enchantment and the only way to wake her is to go to Alicante and meet Ragnor Fell (a warlock). Jace, Isabelle Lightwood (Izzy), Alec L., Maryse L., Robert L., and Max L. are planning to go as well. Jace tries to find a way to keep Clary from going to Alicante because he's afraid The Clave (the government) will use her power of creating runes in battle. Jace tries to get help from Simon (a vampire Daylighter and Clary's best friend), but Forsaken attack them before they could work out a plan. Madeleine dies (she was going to show them who Ragnor Fell is) and Magnus (a warlock friend) opens a portal to Alicante. Simon gets seriously hurt by a Forsaken and so Jace carries him through the portal, which is illegal. When Clary finally arrives, the portal is closed and she panics. She creates her own portal with a rune and jumps through it. Luke (practically a father to her) jumps after her.
Clary returns to Amatis's house and Amatis says Jace is there to see her. Clary is shocked, but she goes to talk to him and he apologizes. Clary asks if he can help find the book, and he says he will. They find the book in the house, but they also find a hidden room where an angel, Ithuriel, is tortured but can't ever die, so Ithuriel is always in pain. Ithuriel shows both of them memories of how Valentine is jealous and fears Downworlders (vampires, mermaids, werewolves, etc). Ithuriel also shows memories of Valentine putting demon blood in Clary's pregnant mother to see what happens to the baby, which creates a demonic angel. Ithuriel shows himself covered with blood "like a bird shot out of the sky," and how Valentine gave Clary's mother the angel blood while she was pregnant (he didn't know she was pregnant). Ithuriel also shows Clary a rune that looks incomplete. Jace hands the angel a dagger and the angel Jace says he "knows why I love you" to Clary. Clary asks what he means and he says it's because he's part demon and wants to be with an angel. Clary demands him to say he would like her if he wasn't part demon, but he doesn't say anything and they get into a fight. After the fight is over, they walk back to Idris in complete silence. When they arrive, they see the city on fire.
The towers that once protected the city are now deactivated and demons have gotten inside. Werewolves start running toward Clary and Jace, and they think they're going to kill them, but the werewolves run past them as if they weren't there, and Jace and Clary realize they're here to help. As Jace and Clary are on their way to the city, Sebastian kills Max and knocks out Izzy (he thinks she's dead). Once Jace and Clary arrive at the city, they meet Maia (a werewolf friend) and learn that everyone is gathered at the Accords Hall, which is warded from demons. They make their way to the Accords Hall and see Alec. Clary sees Luke (he was in charge of the werewolf pack) and gives the Book of the White (the spellbook) to Magnus. She realizes Simon isn't there and so she goes with Jace to the prison and releases Simon. Simon tells them to get the other prisoner out but the prisoner refuses. They get the man out of the prison anyway, and they learn it's Hodge, who betrayed Jace and the Lightwoods for Valentine to get his curse lifted. As Hodge was telling them where the last Mortal Instrument Valentine needed, the Mortal Glass, was hidden, Sebastian kills him. Sebastian gets into a fight with Alec, Jace, and Clary and ends up winning. ...Until Simon bites him in the neck ND Sebastian runs into the darkness. Along with Sebastian's disappearance, the demons disappear too. They gather at the Angel Square and people are tallying the dead. Alec looks up and sees Max dead and Izzy sobbing along with her parents. Clary gets dizzy and runs outside gasping for air and sees dawn has finally arrived. The next day, Clary wakes up and sees that their burning their dead outside. Clary finds out that the Sebastian that was there was an imposter. Also, while Jace, Izzy, Alec, Robert, and Maryse are attending Max's funeral, Valentine appears as a hologram and says that if they don't agree to go under his rule, he will destroy them all
with a bigger army of demons. Once he finishes his speech, Malachi,
the Inquisitor, makes his own speech and Valentine kills him
while still in hologram form.
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