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"Stop Kiss"- Group Presentation

Analysis of Play a. about the play b. Listing of themes, motifs, and time line of play c. structure of play

Lauren McCrary

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of "Stop Kiss"- Group Presentation

Callie-late 20's to early 30's
Sara- mid-20's to early 30's
George- late 20's to early 30's
Peter- mid-20's to early 30's
Mrs. Winsley-early 40's to early 50's
Detective Cole- late 30's to mid-40's
Nurse- late 30's to mid-40's Setting New York City. Time: Now (1998) GLAAD award winning play 'Stop Kiss', envisioned and created by Diana Son reflects the ethnic diversity of NYC, as well as bringing vulnerability and taking risk to the plot. Note: GLAAD Award (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defation) is a media monitoring organization that works to prevent the defamation of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender) people in the media and to work toward public acceptance of LGBT people.
Berilla Award- for the playwright of the play About the Play When Callie, a New York City traffic reporter agrees to watch a cat for Sarah (a friend of an old friend) she at first plans to get the cat and be done so that she doesn't have to spend the whole evening with a complete stranger. Callie is good at avoiding cotact, which serves her well being in NYC. Sarah just recently quit her job in St. Loius teaching at a Quaker school, to take a job teaching 3rd graders in the Bronx. Both being straight women that have been or have something with a man in their life (George and Peter). Their is a certain attraction between the two women. The play goes back in forth from the police station, sarahs hospital room, and the early stages of Callie and Sarahs relationship. This allows us to follow the lightest exchanges between them, keeps us wondering as well as both the women. Even though their first kiss ends in a vilent outcome. Themes
Diana Son Play Analysis Ethnic Diversity-traces the evolving relationship of two young, single women pursuing careers in New York City. Relatively early in this one-act play, the audience is forced to consider the violence that results from a stranger witnessing the first tentative kiss between the two women.

Unexpected love- Two women discovering that each other has fallen in love, and this time it just happens to be with a woman. Illustrates how our lives change, in both subtle and dramatic ways, when we have found the person that completes us.
Violence against gays- story says about the violence that has been perpetrated against gays for centuries is deafening. Callie is up against suddenly involving Sarah’s family, and public opinion.

Romantic Motifs .

Structure is built on the very idea of time
The play moves backwards and forwards in time. Switches back and forth from Sara's hospital she is being taken care of at, Callie and Sarahs relationship how it began to the way they ended up, and the police station. Sarah are young and single living in New York. They are both used to dating men. They find themselves falling in love with one another. Finally, in Greenwich Village Park, they get around to kissing one another. A raging homophobe takes exception. He attacks them. Sara end up in a wheelchair. Structure of the Play -the eight ball
-the few smiles exchanged between Sara and Callie
-when George comes over, Callie acts different. Doesn't really want to be around him, until Sara and hers first fight.
-Sara and Callie both are confused about what they have going on, throughout the play
-Ceasar the cat- the night Sara stayed over Timeline Two Converging Timelines- one of the events leading up to the kiss, the other of the aftermath following the kiss. This technique of beginning the play with what turns out to be the past, and alternating between past and future totally engages the audience to wondering "how did this happen?" and "why did this happen to these two ordinary women?"
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