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5 themes fiji Annaliesa & Isabel

SS project

Isabel Kelly

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of 5 themes fiji Annaliesa & Isabel

5 themes of geography:
Fiji Here in Fiji, live the 890,057 Fijians. As all of you know, to say hello Fijians say bula. Setting aside how they usually say hello, English is their official language. They all were so used to speaking English, because they were a British colony in the past. 7 out of 1,000 people emigrate out of Fiji every year.
Whalers coming from Britain stumbled across Fiji, and made it a British colony. Most people walk, but if you don't want to walk you could ride the public bus'. Most goods arrive by boat, sugar is a main product of Fiji. They have limited T.V. broadcasts, 727,000 people use cell phones. 129,800 people use telephones, and 114,200 people have internet. Region H.E.I A drought came to Fiji in 1998. Flash floods in 1999 reduced sugar harvests. Farming & fishing are popular Fijian culture. Fijians are very resourceful; they try to use what is around them. By: Annaliesa Dahl &
Isabel Kelly
E Block Place Movement Fiji is in the region Oceania. It is located in the south, and east hemispheres. Lastly, Fiji is in the South Pacific. The larger islands in Fiji are volcanic and mountainous.
The smaller islands are
mostly coral. River valleys are common physical features in Fiji. The climate is tropical and average temperatures reach from 72°F-86°F. The vegetation in Fiji varies depending on were you are in the country. For example thick forests are popular in mountainous areas. In the west there are tropical grasslands, dense vegetation grows in the East of Fiji and on the coasts mangrove trees densely populate areas. Fijians also encounter many incredible animals such as rays, bats, birds, snakes, lizards, iguanas, sea snakes and fish. Sources:

Location-CultureGrams and National Geographic Mapmaker
Place-CultureGrams, Grolier and cia.gov
Region-used previous knowledge
Movement-CultureGrams and cia.gov
H.E.I-Grolier Place ( number 2) Fijian internet users. Former (some present) British colonies. Location Fiji's absolute location is 18.08°S, 178.25°E. The relative location of Fiji is east of Australia. It is also west of Tonga. Fiji Thanks for watching! The Fijian flag The larger islands in Fiji are mostly mountainous The smaller islands In Fiji are mostly coral. Flash floods occur on Fijian islands. sugar canes being harvested. Fiji is west of Tonga. As you can see, Fiji is directly east of Australia. 2005-2009 Fijian cell phone users. Tonga As you can see, Fiji is in the region Oceania. Fiji is in the eastern and western hemispheres.
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