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Srdjan Manojlovic

curriculum vitae

Srđan Manojlović

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of Srdjan Manojlovic

Accounting procedures and accounting revision compliance
Responsible for company's accounting
Accounting application (Access)
Education, organisation, motivation and conflict solving
in department (3 persons) Project leader
SAP FI functional specification, testing
Advanced planning, analysis and budgeting
Oxford management center, Amsterdam
IFRS reporting
Report development (Excel)

Organisation of logistic and finance departemnts
Financial & IT controlling
Project tracking tool (ASP, Access)
Coordination of organisational planning
Budget planning & evaluation
Group planning tool (Excel)
Support and coordination of organisational planning Support in logistic processes reengineering
Central ordering system (ASP, Access)
Project leader
Operational risk analysis
Operational risk tool adjustments
Education of operational risk tool users (20 persons)

Project mgmt. officer
Business cases creation & evaluation
Project monitoring
IT controlling
Ticketing system administration (SQL, Access, ASP) Leading implementation of planning & reporting tool
Planning & reporting processes evaluation and consulting
Application adjustments & development (VB Script),
data export (Hyperion, SAP, Oracle eBS)
Education of users (20 persons)

Knowledge database extension (Visual Basic)
Knowledge sharing initiative Optimization of mass production processes
Testing process improvements and standardization (Visual Basic)
Education of workers for usage of new tools (400 persons)
Started postgraduate studies in business,
Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb
Company's internal communication improvements
Internal communication tool, Task mgmt. tool (Visual Basic)

Business English Certificate Advanced, University of Cambridge
New product's production organisation
Tool for faster new product development (Visual Basic)
ITIL foundation course & exam
Project leader
SAP FI functional specifications and testing Project oriented organisation, Next level consulting Basic project management, Next level consulting Writing Master's thesis:
"Social networking as a tool for improving knowledge management" 2
Volex Ltd.
September 2003 - March 2005
Production engineer 3
Ericsson Nikola Tesla
March 2005 - November 2005
Support engineer 4
Gordon & Webster Ltd.
November 2005 - June 2006
Consultant for implementing
planning & budgeting application 5
Hypo Leasing-Kroatien Ltd.
December 2006 - February 2008
IT controller 6
Zajednički informacijski sustavi Ltd.
(Hypo Alpe-Adria-Group)
February 2008 - March 2010
Finance and controlling manager Unemployed
March 2010 - ? Hi... my name is Srđan ... ... and I'd like to introduce myself ... So, let's begin ... For now, I'm just like anybody else. . ... but if you look more closely ... ... you can see the difference ... ... 32, looking for an interesting and motivating job ... ... personally, I consider the integration of various skills as my greatest advantage ... ... through the combination of ... ... I've managed to constantly improve my career
and gain evermore responsibilities ... ... this is the journey through the responsibilities and accomplishments I've made in my work experience ... ... hope you'll find it valuable for a position with your company ... Economics Education Computer programming and databases Organisational skills People management and knowledge sharing skills Thank you for your time ... and Pursuit of and consulting in safety at work
Coordination with persons
at all levels in customer's company hierarchy
First Certificate in English,
University of Cambridge
Payrolls module (Visual Basic)

XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb
Various programming (Visual Basic, Access, HTML, ASP)
Jobs in high school
1996 - September 1997 Jobs while studying
1997 - September 2002 Graduated in electronics,
Faculty of electronics and computer science, Zagreb
CRM database (Access)

Kontrol-biro Prister Ltd.
November 1997 - September 2003
Specialist engineer
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