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Gorky Vs. the Italian masters and graffiti

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CC McFaddin

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Gorky Vs. the Italian masters and graffiti

Arshile Gorky
The Italian Masters

Vosdanik Adoian had a life that was filled with misery and pain for the most part. At a young age he became a refugees from the Turkish invasion; he watched his whole family die an agonizing death. Which is something very traumatic to witness. Once Adoian became of age he left Van in 1915 and arrived in the United States in 1920. In 1925 he moved to New York and changed his name to Arshile Gorky. He entered a School of Art in New York as a student but soon became an instructor of drawing; from 1926 to 1931 he was a member of the faculty. It seemed like his life was finally going well. A mere 17 years later his life again would make a turn for the worse... there was a fire in his studio that destroyed much of his work, and he had an operation because of an automobile accident which rendered him handicapped. I guess the pressure and stress of the world became too much for the talented artist which lead to Gorky's death. Arshile committed suicide on July 21, 1948, in Sherman, Connecticut.
Gorky's work and graffiti have a Likeness or tendency to look similar. For example the stroke of the paint brush (Gorky) and the stroke of the paint in the can (graffiti). Tends to look like the whole process was done swiftly. There are plenty of sporadic lines and images.

I believe both Gorky and the graffiti artist's work is driven by a force within them that came from a disturbing experience in their lives. I also believe that these artist are trying to show us the world in a different aspect.
Another example is that they use a lot of portraits of peoples faces and most of the faces are a person in distress or looking sad and lost.
In my option Gorky's work esteemed from witnessing the genocide of his people by turkish soldiers
Ape vs. Angel
All of these artist have had (Gorky and graffiti artist) traumatic situation in their lives which led to a way for them to express themselves and also serves as a defense mechanism against the world.
I believe that Gorky and the graffiti artist want us all to look between the lines because they are actually telling us something in their pictures without verbally saying it. They want us to read between the lines and figure out whats really going on!
Most cases these sad souls feel all alone... wanting and wishing for help, love, hope, family,etc. Sometimes we are so slow with deciphering whats being said by these artist, end up doing something drastic to get your attention and doing the unthinkable which might be taking their lives, as in Gorky's case.
I can witness that first hand because my first boyfriend (a graffiti artist, motocross racer, in a gang) took his life right in front of me (i would share his art work but the police took it as evidence and never returned them to me). All the signs were there but i didn't see them when they were presented to me. All the signs in his drawings, the things he would say and also by the way he would act. I didn't understand or see till it was too late to help.
You can see that these individuals are in emotional turmoil. Their pictures show proof that there isn't something right inside of them, they don't smile, there is not hint of happiness in their face.
As in the Ape vs. angle, i believe that all human beings are born with the ape mentality. The natural brute beast that is inside of us, the kill or be killed disposition. All human beings are all about self preservation. We don't know what sacrifice is therefore we cannot be angles because we are self-centered and its been about us,us,us since day one.
I do believe that there is possibility that a person can go from ape to angel but that will not be of the persons doing. It has to be a total exchange of those indicators that let you know you are ape such as Fornication, uncleanness, envy, evil concupiscence, and idolatry. We are all guilty of one of those, and if you're guilty of one, you're guilty of them all.
Those negative characteristics have to be replace with love, joy, peace, long suffering, meekness, temperance, etc. You have to have the same positive attributes, then and only then is a person considered an angel.
The LA Goldrush was an international exchange of Graffiti artists from Italy visiting Los Angeles in 2008.
The gathering of the Italian Masters occurs every summer and is organized by Raptuz (one of the masters)
The three pictures below is the finished product of the italian masters
Most of the mural is completely gone now
The Italian Masters were a group of young talented artist that came from over seas to collaborated together and created a mural in East Los Angeles called The LA Goldrush.
The majority of graffiti artist come from broken homes or grew up in a household with an absent father. Which drove these young people to a life of crime in the streets looking and longing for family and acceptance or their activice that just want their voice to be heard and they feel the best way is to put it on a wall for everyone to see.
Man One
The Italian Masters come to America
LA Goldrush 2007
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