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Creative Campaign Big Idea Pitch

No description

on 26 July 2015

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Transcript of Creative Campaign Big Idea Pitch

Creative Campaign Big Idea Pitch
Presented by

Tedria Kennedy, Elaine Reodica, Jessica Ruiz,
Christin Warrick, and Jessica Q. Yang

University of Southern California
TAGLINE: “The card that helps you Discover”

The TV Spot will be a 30 seconds of highlighting Discover’s rewards

Key Elements of Spot:

Targets the Millennial demographic (18-34)
Focuses on a couple that uses Discover at 3 different stages of their lives (ages 18, 24, 34)
Showcases how Discover helps its customers at all stages of their lives, while providing rewards & benefits.
Utilization of hashtags throughout Spot





In the new brand positioning strategy focus will be shifted to other age groups.
Benefits will be positioned from a perspective of consumers’ preferences.

Full account management at your fingertips

Discover pays you

Discover with you.
Pays College Loans with you
Shops with you
Travels with you
Explores with you
Discover pays you

Discover with you.
Create awareness
- benefits and rewards
* higher card usage, more rewards

Thank you!
--- Team Discover
Creative Campaign Big Idea Pitch
Discover with Discover
Get a glimpse of the good life and inspiration
Discover reinforces the millennial values of embracing life and finding happiness.
Discover with Discover
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