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Let's Hangout-Google+ Meets Advising

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Lauren H.

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Let's Hangout-Google+ Meets Advising

Google+ Meets Advising Let's Hangout! Students and Technology If we designed the perfect tool what could we do with it? Reach students we don't typically see in our Center
Instant chat with an advisor
Web-programs with large and small groups
Information sessions/panels
Advising sessions
Co-advising sessions
"Drop-in appointments" during busy season How has the Career Center used Google+ Hangouts? Currently What are potential challenges or drawbacks using this method? More likelihood for no-shows
Ensuring students show up
Are students as tech savvy as we think?
Will it create distance?
Students first come first serve
Can it replace advising? How can we improve student interactions using technology, and is it even possible? How can we take advising to the next level? How are we currently using technology in advising? To provide information Webinars
Social media
Skype/phone appointments
Mostly used as an alternative Advisor Student Student Advisor Communication through technology Communication through technology Why think about implementing new forms of technology? Potential Benefits? •Crave a lot of information quickly
•Redefining how we think of community
•Like new methods of communication
•Desire accessibility and ease Minimize wait times
Reach more students
Could mirror face-to-face advising sessions
Maximize staff resources
Norm student concerns when they see other students like them
Peer to peer learning - share knowledge Advisor Student Communication through technology The Future Hangout with the Career Center
Cool Concentrations On-air broadcasts
Workshop requests
Employer & alum panels Information Inform to empower Programs Advising Co-advising
Advising appointments Programs Athletes
Drop-in advising sessions
Interviewing candidates
Partnerships Advising Final Thoughts
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