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The Brain

Learn about the brain

Keith Tran

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The Brain

The brains functions is pretty much having other organs and muscles perform their functions.
The brain is of the most important organs of the body. Basically, it is the command center of the body.
Parts of the Brain
The brain works with all the systems of the human body.
The brain is important to the human body because it controls and allows you to create a motion.
Fun Facts
- Your brain is made up of billions of neurons
The Brain
Don't Fire me!
This is a diagram of the brain function sections
These are the main parts
You will learn about the human brain in this prezi.
It is very hard
Bones are stronger than iron and are filled with bone marrow
The skull has many parts
The skull is made up of many bones.
The brain is held and protected by the skull. The brain is located in the head. The skull shields the brain so that it doesn't get damaged. If the brain gets damaged, you can't think or control yourself well.
The brain has other duties other than controlling your body such as:
And well, nothing else that came to mind
P.S. This will be presented at a 3r rd person perspective
You may sleep to whom this may seem boring
It is the main part of the nervous system. The brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves make up the nervous system.
Here is a diagram of the human nervous system.
Here is a diagram of how the nervous system connects with the organs and muscles.
The brain works with all of the organs of the human body. It has a big job.
- Feeling emotions
The brain send not really messages but more like electrical power surges. The electricity moves the muscle(s) or organ(s) how the brain intends to.
Here is a diagram of the skeletal system
If the brain was not part of the body,(not just of a humans) the body would fall apart and it would just not be a pretty picture.
After all, your brain allows you think this is boring and sleep, so it is still educational to do so.
- Your brain is grey
- All animals have a brain, which everyone knew (or at Least I hope so)
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- Zinc calms the membranes, which will help you sleep.
Game center
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And Cairo and Kevin for annoying me during the making of this
Don't forget the zombies!
Meet the cast
These are the people who helped
(More like sleepy brain)
Thank you For watching
Yeah,your brain probably thinks this really weird
The colours are just to show the different parts. The brain isn't usually this colourful!
Hey, did you spot the alien?
Don't get angry if this hasn't loaded well.
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Nerves to muscles
Saccadic eye movement
- Blue whales have the biggest brains.
- The fruit fly has the smallest brain
The competition for the trophy
Here is the top Smartest animals In the present day

- Chimpanzees
- Dolphins
- Orangutans
- Elephants
- Crows
- Pigs
- Squirrels
- Pigeons
- Octopus'
Without the brain, the body would not work and you wouldn't be able to get the nutrients and oxygen you need to survive. Conclusion, your dead.
(Humans don't count)
The brain is divided into 4 parts called lobes.
The Limbic System
The hypothalamus regulates emotional behavior, hunger, thirst, and pain.
It gets information like skin temperature, blood pressure, distension in the gut (how full your stomach is), light and darkness, cerebrospinal fluid(i.e.toxins that lead to vomiting) and much more.
The hippocampus is located next to the amydala.
It is responsible for converting short-term memory into long-term memory. Without it, the person can't memorize anything else, so whatever they sense just fades away after.
The Amydala
The amydala is responsible for reaction with aggression. If removed, the person will not respond to things that would have caused it to react with aggression before. But they might respond with fear or a sadness response.
Cingulate Gyrus
The cingulate gyrus acts as a pathway for the hippocampus and the hypothalamus. It seems to be responsible for having attention to emotional events and associating with memories of smell and pain.
I hope you chose this
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