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English AB3

The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection

Hattie Lanning

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of English AB3

Virginia Woolf noitcelfeR Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), English author, feminist, essayist, publisher, and critic. She grew up in England with her family of children from three different marriges. By living with sll these step siblings trying to show your induvisuality as a person can easily be overshadowed. This relates back to the story in Virginia's case of being satisfied with herself. Virginia Woolf has also written The Voyage Out-1915, To the Lighthouse- 1927, Orlando- 1928, The Waves- 1931, Between the Act- 1941, and many letters, journals, and shortstoies were found and published after her death in 1941. Virginia Woolf wrote fiction but in her story "The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection" there are bits of truth and insight into her life. The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection (1929) Virginia Woolf Suffused Transient Upbraidings Evanescence Reticent VOCABULARY spread throughout; filled that which passes quickly stern hard words of disaproval; scoldings vanishing or tendency to vanish silent; reserved Relevant Historical Information DISCUSSION Although nothing particular happened in the year of 1929 that pretains to this story, the early 20's in general were very monumental for women and their roles in society. Womens voting rights, freedom of suppresions, and woman finding their induviduality all were changes that occured in the 2o's. It was a time of shiffting views and confusing changes for everyone. This could be why in this story Virginia, although it is a fictional story, portrays her inner feelings of insecurity in her looks and how people portray her. -THEME:
One of the themes of this short story is split self; a contrast of indoors/outdoors and looking through a looking glass at oneself as yourself or looking at oneself as the world. "It was a strange contrast-- all changing here, all stillness there." pg.1159.
-Reason for Short Story?
The reason this short story was written was to bring attention to how people allow their lives to be viewed. Elaborant lives lived in public may inturn lead to self judgment by oneself.
-Was there an underlying message?
-What message was the author trying ot convey?
Same as the reason it was written.
-How does the story relate to us and the world in which we live?
Although it was written in the 20's even today many people are conserned for their self image and perception by others. Let's Read It.... Quiz Time During Reading ?'s After Reading ?'s 1.Why is her social class significant?
2.What do the letters symbolize? or Do
the letters have a deeper meaning?
3.What is a looking glass?
4.What season is it in the story?
5.What is the significance? 1.What Line is written at first and repeated at the end? Why?
2.Who is the woman in the story?
3.What does she do?
4.In society, what class would you assume she is in?
5.Who are the letters for? Write a paragraph about the story? (Like/dislike, understood/confused, or favorite parts/least favorite parts and present it to the class.


Write an Acrostic poem for a word that pertains to the story and presents it to the class.
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