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Why PINpoint? Manufacturing Execution System (MES) / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solutions

LEAN manufacturing is About eliminating waste, reducing cost, improving efficiency, and improving quality: PINpoint Information Systems takes you there. Championing "Continuous Improvement" Since 1997. Intelligent Manufacturing Defined.

Jason Ireland

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of Why PINpoint? Manufacturing Execution System (MES) / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solutions

We Thank You!
Any Questions?
What PINpoint
Is Not
A History of Innovation
Andon 3D
SmartBuild and SmartScreen 4.0
PINpoint Information Systems
Perfect Balance of Andon, Work Order Processing, Tracking, and Reporting for
Control Assembly Lines.
Andon 3D

is the evolution of andon into a software solution;

using PINpoint for Andon alone makes for the perfect entry into manufacturing execution, the foundation to build your MES/MOM strategy on.
Andon 3D provides you essential production information:
first verify is a worker even at the station; are they certified to do the job? If yes,
provide them work instructions, quality alerts, message videos, etc.
process control, and error-proofing system with
work order entry, tracking, reporting, manufacturing line creation and editing, production scheduling, Andon 3D and more
PINpoint is not your "average" Manufacturing Execution System (MES) / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution.
Andon Evolved
Tracking & Production Analytics
Manufacturing Pains
Encouraging common sense "
Continuous Improvement
" since 1997.
Intelligent Manufacturing Defined
PINpoint is not a custom controls company.
LEAN manufacturing is about eliminating waste, reducing cost, improving efficiency and quality:
We Empower Our Customers to Become "Manufacturing Champions"
. PINpoint is implemented by leading multi-national manufacturing companies we service from our locations in Canada (HQ), the United States and China.
PINpoint is not an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
TAKT Time, Goals Planned Actual (GPA) targeting, schedule creation and real-time adjustment
. Achievements displayed on station displays and big screen displays. Manage
Work Orders w/ Live Product Tracking, Alerts, Reports / Manufacturing Intelligence
and more.

Andon 3D
is an innovative plant floor communications, product tracking and manufacturing reporting solution. It is the most cost-effective and
'scalable' software solution to monitor and report on production processes.
software is a
web based, configurable plant floor management system for automated/full-process controlled assembly lines
no limit on the number of workstations
Achieving World Class Quality depends upon flawless execution of your assembly process. This cannot be achieved in a PLC alone;
gives you the
most comprehensive process control in a web configurable environment
making reactions and solutions to everyday problems easy.
Andon 3D

software versions 4.0 are comprised of
Andon software
Easy to use, intuitive, motivating;

gives you unparalleled flexibility to configure your plant on the fly in a 'drag and drop' web based tool
Production Engineers use
to balance processes, move products around on the line, and to recover from mistakes in tracking.

interacts with ERP systems, interfaces PLCs, and controls shop floor devices
, i.e. fastening tools, testers, stack lights, etc.

provides the line workers and line supervisors with dynamic user interface
they interact with; every check and instruction is presented step-by-step, right from sign in, to verification of user training/qualification to do the job, control of tools, part presence, TAKT time/GPA status, etc.
to Plan, Create and Implement Your Manufacturing Processes; Use
to Execute It. PINpoint's Manufacturing Optimization Solutions make ‘Full-Accountability’ in Manufacturing Simple!
Efficiency Losses Are Not Just Determined by Cycle Times.
What If An Operator Is Not Even At A Station?
Time is Money! Know Exactly Where ALL Your Time is Going!
Schedule your production from an easy to use website, set the number of products to be built, set
TAKT time, Goal Planned Actual data
, schedule breaks; all this data is recorded and available for detailed review.
The right information allows the most strategic manufacturers to
identify strengths and weaknesses in production
, and to optimize and improve by making well informed decisions and actions.
Production Analytics
feature is integral to defining whether your present assembly actions are effective or not.
All of the info you need is easily accessible from a website browser:
waterfall / pie charts, summary tables; OEE and TAKT time/GPA reports, Versatility reports, Next-Gen Andon reports, Defect Reports
and more
All Information is Always Available in Real-Time, So
at Any Moment a Snap Shot of the Manufacturing Process Can Be Taken and Analyzed for Optimization/Improvement
Scalable Software Solution
Network Infrustructure
1. How much
waste in time and money do you incur due to reactionary measures that
do not solve the broader issues?
2. Are you tired of investing in
‘band aid’ fixes
that are not scalable, need frequent
maintenance and upgrading?
Complex PLC logic
is a typical pain, it is time consuming to re-code and it is error prone.
4. Do you
rely on 3rd party companies
to solve problems they are not qualified
to? Are they the most knowledgeable of the process to solve your particular problem?
5. Pains due to

Not Knowing

what’s happening on the assembly line; how can you
optimize your manufacturing if you do not know what to optimize?
6. Are you producing
poor quality products? Have you lost customers
and market share
due to quality issues?
7. How motivated is your manufacturing team? Is employee moral low?
Are you
benefiting from the full-potential of your people?
8. What are your pains due to
timing and availability?
Are all needed materials/parts
always available on time on the assembly line?
PINpoint Video
upgrade existing PLC controlled work stations
to achieve unparalleled error-proofing results.
pays for itself quickly; once implemented the money savings in waste, downtime, failed parts, and Warranty claims are substantial.
PINpoint keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving
up-to-the-minute data
from all plant floor equipment, and employees.
Leading Assembly Manufacturers Turn to Us to Impact Their Bottom Line; Quantifiable, Cost-effective, Common Sense Continuous Improvement.
the Most Proven, Most Flexible, Cost-Effective "Out-of-the-Box" Configurable Plant Floor Management System on the Market Today.
Available with 24 / 7 Customer Service and Support; S
peak Directly with a PINpoint Technician Should You Need Any Help!
eamless interaction with existing ERP
or MES/MOM systems.
Traditional PLC re-coding/integration time and expenses are saved -
easily edit line processes, add a new line, edit products in real time
simply make changes in web browser
, hit save, and
enforce 'instantly
Andon 3D is the most comprehensive Andon solution on the market today with PINpoint's advanced MES
software at its heart
Real-time product tracking
; literally see in a website where your product exists on the assembly line, and verify it is there.
More than just push-buttons!

work order entry, tracking, PLC and device control, alerting, and detailed reporting
Out-Of-The-Box MES
Zoom In
Zoom Out
the Most Comprehensive, Web-Configurable,
Plant Floor Management System in the World."
platform for the future, PINpoint MES
is scalable;
it's the
ideal paperless manufacturing solution for all non-process and full-process control assembly lines
no matter what size (
from 1, to unlimited device inputs
PINpoint is a website based,
WYSIWYG configurable MES/MOM
software for batch/discrete manufacturing lines.
PINpoint gives you full control over your manufacturing process - and
it's so easy
simply configure your manufacturing process on-the-fly in a website browser
Interacts with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
system, and any existing MES/MOM;
interfaces flawlessly with your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
and all ancillary shop floor devices.
PINpoint reports to you everything about every product you ever made, right down to who built the product and their qualifications.
Not shipping bad parts to customers is key, and that is what we ensure.
'PINpoint Manages the EcoBoost Engine
Assembly for the Ford GT Supercar'
'PINpoint Trains and Guides New Line Workers in the Assembly of Quality Parts for the BOEING 787'
'Polaris ATVs Assembly is Verified by PINpoint to Achieve Unprecedented Error-Proofing Results.'
'PINpoint Manages the Manufacturing of CAT's Heavy Machinery in Different Languages in Factories Around the World.'
Home Page
Configuration Tool
WYSIWYG Editor (
What You See is What You Get
) Allows You to Drag-and-Drop Changes On-the-Fly.
View and Create Work Orders in a Browser. See the Status of Every Order, and Track Where it is On The Line; Icons Next to Work Order Indicate Status, e.g. Defects, Bypasses, etc.
Configuration; Deploy and Form a Document to a Station, a Line, or The Entire Plant as Easily as Attaching a File to an E-mail!
ISA-95 Enterprise Activities in Manufacturing Operations - PINpoint >/= ISA-95 Level 3
PINpoint Tracking
included, know where products are physically on the line with real-time tracking!
How Can You Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations If You Do Not Know What To Optimize?
Advanced Fastening Strategies
'PINpoint Performs the Fastening Error-proofing at Hyundai, the
Highest Volume Automotive Assembly Line in North America'
Andon 3D / MES PRO
software now available in
Version 4.0. PINpoint forever-evolves and is being '
pushed forward
' by leading Industrial Manufacturers of the World that have adopted it as their Corporate Standard.
World Leading Manufacturers of Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Machinery and Recreation Vehicles All Benefit from PINpoint Info's Website Based Plant Floor Management System.
Proven Since 1997
Long-term business focus, customer service is paramount
; software support and maintenance available 24/7.
Andon 3D
is the most comprehensive web/software based Andon system on the market today; featuring an 'out-of-the-box' solution for plant floor communications, product tracking and manufacturing reporting.
PINpoint is a "Software Factory" with a history of innovation; a
software development company with over 20 Years experience
. Software is meticulously designed and tested to ITIL standards before being released as an official version.
Versions escalate as new developments are made. PINpoint writes software to test software (automation testing).
PINpoint = 100% Process Control, Measurement and Error-proofing

Create Work Orders
, or import them seamlessly from your ERP.

Schedule Production
, set TAKT time, Goals Planned Average (GPA),
monitor and report on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Manage Plant Floor Documentation
, operator skills management,
work instruction management, quality alert management

Verify Production
, interface with line workers, confirm qualifications,
progress, catch defects as they happen; and control devices,
e.g. lock out a tool if multiple errors occur and send an alert.

Track Products
or serial numbers in real-time,
right down to their physical location
on the assembly line.

Manage Andon
with software, display easy to
understand information on large screens with text,
graphics, video; and send critical alerts to email/text.

with provided Production Analytics
Manufacturing and Business Intelligence.
Web Configurable Plant Floor Management from Any Computer / Tablet / Smartphone
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