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Marketing Exercise

No description


on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Exercise

Milena Flament
Tom Ford
Selling Exclusivity
Viktor & Rolf
Creating the official fragrance of "Gen Y"
Learnings from Jo Malone, Tom Ford and Viktor & Rolf

Jo Malone
Fragrance as a Lifestyle

This interactive presentation will answer the following questions:
-Brand encourages customers to discover their favorite fragrance amongst the wide variety of skus, creating a personalized experience
-Most scents are available across categories (cologne, bath, home) allowing customers to integrate the scent into all aspects of their life
-Increased lifetime value of Jo Malone customers vs. a "cologne only" brand
-Highly giftable because of elegant/gender nuetral product packaging

The Ecommerce site aligns with the in-store experience, encouraging discovery and driving up-sell:

-Customers can easily navigate the site and shop by fragrance notes or category
- Strong up-sell messaging encourages customers to "combine fragrances" and "surround their home with scent"
-Deluxe samples are included with every purchase, further driving discovery of other scents

What can we learn from these exceptional brands?

Jo Malone
1. Tom Ford and Jo Malone:
What can we learn from them?
What drives their success?
What are their best practices?
2. Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb:
How did this fragrance emerge as a power player
despite limited brand notoriety?

Successfully built a lifestyle brand across the cologne, bath and home categories
Drives high per customer spend through an integrated cross-sell strategy

Marketing Exercise
Bridgette Howard
Lower number of retail doors allows the brand to strategically acquire and nurture customers:

-Jo Malone stores mimic the inside of a home and embody the "lifestyle" branding
-Retail partners like Space NK and Neiman Marcus target high income shoppers
-Customers can create a custom fragrance in the store or at the counter

-Bold and glamourous product packaging represents an extension of the designers' ready-to-wear and accessories lines
-The bottle makes customers feel like they are "owning" a Tom Ford piece
-Unconventional fragrance notes and names
-Line is divided between Regular Fragrance
line and Private Blends
-Line priced from $105-450, higher in comparison to competitors
Tom Ford
High retail price, strong brand equity and limited distribution create the perfect storm for brand performance
Utilizes "exclusivity" and the "perception of scarcity" to drive demand and interest
Brand Storytelling
-Focuses on a curated selection of retailers to maintain exclusivity
-The Private Blends collection is produced in smaller batches and rarely in stock, makes the consumer feel like it is a "prize" or "collector's item"
-In-store marketing displays reflects overall brand equity of glamour and opulence

Retail Strategy
-Widely appealing scent: Full bodied fragrance with a patchouli background
-The sweet scent is particularly appealing for Gen Y audiences, it is reminiscent of sugary smelling body sprays they wore as teens
-Perfect for word of mouth marketing: Memorable fragrance name and bottle design
-The product is both glamorous and cool, an important balance to strike with Gen Y

Viktor & Rolf
Widely appealing scent, unique name and innovative bottle design contribute to brands' success
Developed strong affinity with digitally savvy Gen Y audiences, helping to spread "word of mouth" marketing

Digital Marketing & Pop Culture
-Savvy retail strategy: Brand first launched exclusively with Saks Fifth Avenue to drive luxury positioning
-Over the years, the brand has expanded to Gen Y friendly retailers: specialty, middle market and regional
-Innovative in-store displays engage customers
-Engages digital savvy audience through the V&R Secret Service Program: an online loyalty program
-Flowerbomb's social media platforms engage customers with interesting videos and exclusive content
-Pop Culture references: Grammy award winning singers Wale & Miguel singing the praises of Flowerbomb in a song titled "Lotus Flowerbomb" the song was nominated for a Grammy and was a Billboard hit
-The song is a direct result of the Gen Y audiences affinity for the fragrance

-Tom Ford described his fragrance as a stark contrast to the previous decade of minimalism; fragrance notes, bottle design and in-store displays communicate opulence
-Advertising campaigns communicate boldness, opulence and glamour.
-Campaigns align with overall Tom Ford branding
-Customers receive a book with purchase that provides the background story of each fragrance, helping to deepen the connection with the brand

Jo Malone's brand identity focuses on the personal and home fragrance lifestyle.

They have built trust with their customers. Jo Malone customers don't just buy one fragrance, they invest in the lifestyle and use products as apart of their beauty and home fragrance routine.

This successful cross-selling drives higher per customer spend.
These three brands share one common thread:

Unwavering commitment to their brand identity

This disciplined approach across product design and retail strategy helps to drive performance

Tom Ford's brand identity focuses on exclusivity and opulence.

Tom Ford fragrance blends seamlessly with the rest of the brand's design world. The product, especially private blends, is not widely available. Once you purchase a Tom Ford fragrance it sits proudly on your vanity as a collector's item or statement piece.

The customers are willing to purchase this higher priced fragrance because it feels like both an investment and indulgence.
Viktor & Rolf's brand identity focuses on the Gen Y audience: it is "cool" yet glamourous. The fragrance is their first touchpoint with the brand.

Gen Y audiences love Flowerbomb because of it's appealing sweet scent and innovative bottle design. This is the fragrance that these customers "graduate" to. Viktor & Rolf targets this audience both on-line and off-line with interactive messaging.

Viktor & Rolf engages the Gen Y audience and in exchange their customers talk about this fragrance. Sharing praises from social media to Grammy award winning songs!
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