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Facts about adventure time

No description

Chuuya Nakahara

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Facts about adventure time

Facts about adventure time
in every episode there's a hidden snail that the lich controls.
for example,
in the episode "bad to worse" the green ghost was shoko
shoko tries to communicate with finn but hes scared of her and the place they did the prank on finn was the bath gangs place was and shoko had to work for the bath gang or else shell die and she had to steal princess bubblegums neaklace but then she fell down and become a wired looking glob (dont know what it was called..) if you dont realy unerstand then watch this
princess facts
all the princess are human! princess bubblegum is a human in the inside but in the outside shes gum did you know shes older then marceline? flame princess is a human when you take off her gem on her head but then she will become weak and die lumpy space princess is also human but becouse shes lumpy so shes not ._.
simon is the ice king but ice king wasnt ice king before he put on the crown there was a man selling the crown and he bought it t his wife betty so she could laugh or something but she didn't he couldn't see her anymore and he became to change and marceline became more and more sad.
and heres some episodes if you wanna watch
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