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Global Warming

My prezi is about how global warming affects human beings as well as other organisms and ways to solve this problem.

hector bardales

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming

Made By: Hector N. Bardales Recycle ,Reduce, Reuse The are usually called the 3 r's which
represent: Recycle
Reuse 3 Reasons To Protect Our Enivronment 1. Our children's future; your future For wildlife, the animals, and the plants
for every living thing there is on Earth It is our world we must protect it from
harm and pollution. Where else will we
live in? It will also good make our world safer. Make Recycling A Part Of Your Life
1Keep a recycling container next to your bin; this makes it easier to collect recyclable items
2Make a list of the items you can recycle and paste it on your fridge and on the kitchen and garage walls, as a reminder to your family
3Take advantage of any kerbside recycling scheme that your local authorities offer.
4When you visit supermarkets, visit the recycling banks as part of your shopping routine. Most supermarkets allow for recycling of bottles, can, papers and electronic goods.
5Obtain plastic grading and sorting instructions and sort out your plastic waste accordingly. Not all types of plastic can be readily recycled.
6Always rinse plastic, glass and metal food containers before recycling them, to avoid attracting rodents, ants and cockroaches.
7Don’t recycle carbon paper, cardboard, laminated paper and cardboard and stickers. Use cardboard to create useful objects, awnings, water and air proofing and so on. Laminated cardboard can be used as a back frame on which to stick art work and as a base for writing paper.
8Save newspapers separately in the newspaper bin; most counties have newsprint recycling facilities, where old newspapers are recycled to produce new ones.
9Recycle your remaining paper products such as glossy magazines, printed flyers, glossy newspaper Ads, envelopes, and computer printing paper, phone books, paper packaging and old letters into a different bin. These can be handed over to a regular recycling unit to be made into paper bags, craft items, paper mache dolls and so on. It’s ok if your paper waste contains metal staples, but be sure to remove plastic wraps and rubber bands if any.
10If you have corrugated cardboard, note that you can tie it up with string and hand over to the curbside collectors. Make sure the corrugated cardboard waste is dry. Recycling begins at home One person can make the change Start with your family and you, You could be that person. So you can stop global Warming. History Recylcing dates hundreds of years. In the United States of America the
movement for recycling began around
the 1960's. Always remember that
you're not the only ones living
in this planet. Lets just all
collaborate to make this world a
better place. According to the online dictionary website: http://dictionary.reference.com/ the dictionary of recycling is: To treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse. Reduce Reduce according to many people and scientists is to produce less pollutants that affect our environment on our daily life. Help the world like Mr. Bean Reuse For example things to do to Reuse: All the empty water bottles clean them up and Reuse them.

Use bottle caps to make projects for decoration.

Old unuseful Cds are good for many things like for pasting them as borders for words on the cardboard.

An unfilled notebook from last year at school or at your job vould be used again if you wrote on those pages in white.

Toys that you do not play with anymore give them to poorchirldren. Global Warming Solutions Wind Turbine Solar Panel Led Lights Dam Wind Turbine Wind powered turbine generate electricity through wind. There have been many wind powered turbines through time. Examples include the windmill which is an old type of wind turbine. The savonius is a vertical wind powered turbine. There is also the modern wind powered turbine which stands up high in wind turbine farms. Wind powered turbines are very good because they do not pollute the environment. For example burning fossil fuels creates more carbon dioxide in the air thinning the ozone layer and causing Global Warming. Add some wind powered turbine to your patio at home. At Home Change all those lights which waste so much energy to some more saving ones like Led. Solar Panels Solar panels are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy available for human's use. An this does not pollute the environment. But do they exaclty work? The wind powerecd turbine's blades are turned around. This movement creates energy which is sent to the battery and the battery transfers the energy to the alternator. Then, this converts into the avaible energy for humans when it reaches the inversor. This is an example of a car alternator. You can put some solar panels in the roof of your house. Do Not Litter If you ever see some on trash on the floor pick it up even if you didn't throw it there, and you should also tell those you see leaving trash in the streets to pick it up. This trash will accumulate and there ould be much more floodings than there used to be. Littering also affects oceans. For example coral reefs would be terribly damaged and could die. In forest many things you leave in the floor take very long time to go back to earth. Consquences Ozone Hole In the south pole during the winter polar stratospheric clouds (PCSs) from. The conditions needed for theses clouds to from include -80 degrees Celsius and the clouds need to be made out of nitric acid and water.Then, when the sun comes out the CFCs, chloroflourocarbons, ultraviolet light sperates the chlorine atom from the CFCs. The chlorine atom can destroy up to 100,000 ozone molecules. This will then cause the thinning of the ozone layer creating the ozone hole. CFCs Around 30 to 40 years ago CFCs or chrofloucarbons were the best chemicals there were. Why? Well because these were nonflamable, nonpoisonus, and they wouldn't corrode metals. CFCs were used for coolants in refrigerators and for air conditioners. The CFCs were also used for propellants in cans for sprapying that people used everday. For example CFCs were in paint. But by the 1970s, the scientists began to worry about these chemicals released into the atmosphere because they could damage the ozone layer. CFCs will not harm the earth at its surface, but after 10 to 20 years of the CFCs being released these go up to the strtosphere where the ozone layer is and detroy it. Negative Effects of UV Light Humans Skin cancer
Aging of skin
Cataracts in the eyes
Low immune response Amphibians Eggs die
Mutations in genes
Population isreduced Organisms in Ocean Plants that live in Land Phytoplankton die
Death of Phytoplankton interupts the food chain
Less organims that make photosynthesis survive UV disrupts photosynthesis
Reduction of crops Sea Level As more UV rays reach Earth's surface temperatures increase in the oceans. This excess of UV rays cause the glaciers to melt as a result ocean level increases. When a glacier melt the water will then be wamred causing all the other sorrounding glaciers to become warmer as the ocean becomes warmer. Effects of Sea Level As sea level increases by the melting of the icebergs or glaciers the coastal lands and areas at sea level become flooded. For example in the United States of America most of Florida would be flooded. Kyoto Protocol Problems The Kyoto Protocol has tride to solve problems by making countries ratify the Kyoto Protocl by agreeing to recduce carbon dioxide emissions 15% less than those in the 1990s In Our Cities...! THe infrastructure of our cities can absorb more heat than the plantsin forest ecosystems. For example the roofs of our homes, and the road of neighborhoods will absorb a lot of heat. During the night this heat will be released making the city warmer than usual. This effect is known as the Heat Island. The picture above shows the amount of heat over a normal city. As you can see the more concrete or other infrastructure able to absrob more heat than plants those areas will become much warmer. But, How does This Happen? eforesta ion If deforestaion continues, land will be eroded easier by wind and water. Then, this erosion will cause the lose of topsoil. What is topsoil? Well, topsoil contains important nutrients for plants to survive. This means that for reforestation to happen after there are no nutrients plants won't live long enough. Effects of Greenhouse Gases Climate Change Another effect caused by Global Warming is Climate Change which is one of the reasons why many of the problems mentioned before are caused. THE WORLD IS JUST AWESOME
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