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No description

Chris Rains

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Minerals

A naturally occurring, inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and an orderly arrangement of atoms.
Common Characteristics
1. Formed by natural processes
- No help from humans
- Occur inside Earth
* Diamonds made from pressure in Earth

Structure of Minerals
- Arranged in an orderly pattern that repeats, called a
2. Inorganic , or not living substances
- Made from non-living substances
- No Cells
* Diamonds made from inorganic matter
3. Composed of one element or combination of elements
* Diamonds made from C
* Halite made from Na & Cl
4. Solids
- Keeps it shape
- Atoms arranged in specific order
* Diamonds are solids
Formed by natural process?
One element?
Crystal Formation
- When cools, atoms start to move closer together.
- Slower = Larger crystals
- Faster = Smaller crystals
- Formed in water solution that evaporates. Atoms come closer together.

Mineral Tests
Hardness: how easily the mineral can be scratched
Luster: how the mineral
can reflect light
Specific Gravity: ratio of minerals weight compared to weight of an equal volume of water (Density)
Streak: color of mineral in powdered form
Scale: 1-10
Metallic, Non-Metallic
Compare like minerals
Fingernail - 2.5
Glass - 5.5
Quartz - 7
Diamond - 10
Graphite - Metalic
Flourite - Non-Metalic
Gold - 19
Pyrite - 5
Gold - Yellow
Pyrite - Greenish-Black
Chalk - White
Can you tell which is gold?
Go to socrative.com and
complete the Exit Ticket
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