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07.03 Minority Rights: Honors

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shyanne murdock

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of 07.03 Minority Rights: Honors

07.03 Minority Rights: Honors
Women's Rights In Afghanistan
Life for women in Afghanistan.
For a woman living in afghanistan, life is pretty rough. They have almost no rights and are practically slaves. Many are forced to get married even at the age of 12 and are at risk of being kidnapped or raped. Women there do not get the same education or social opportunities as men. Also, in order to even go outside, women there must cover almost all of their body. Therefore, it is pretty clear to see the difficulties the women face in Afghanistan
Key People and organizations
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)- Focuses on human rights in Afghanistan.
The most common strategy used by women in afghanistan would be protest. Although, many of these have been unsuccessful and have caused those protesting to be beaten
New Ideas
Something that women in Afghanistan could borrow from the American movements are really focusing on getting more people involved. By increasing their numbers they have a better chance of being successful.
Will they be successful?
Based on what i have learned about civil rights movements, I believe the women in Afghanistan will be successful. Even though not much has changed, they will eventually gain more support and over time, with hard work, will be successful.
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