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All About Me

No description

Emma C

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

My idol.
What I love <3
I love Starbucks so much! Unfortunately I've only tried it twice. I've had the Vanilla Bean Frappé and the Cotton Candy Frappé. I'm obsessed with Starbucks! It's crazy. Whenever I go to target or the mall I beg my mom/dad/whoever I'm with to get it.
My Dog
My favorite season is Fall. My second is Spring. I don't really have a third or fourth because Winter is too cold and the bugs come out in summer. If there were no bugs in the Summer it would be my third.
Ariana Grande
All About Me
My name is Emma. I am a female. I am in grade 6. I like tacos, Starbucks, pomegranate etc.
My Cat
My idol is Cameron Dallas. He is from Magcon. I have a friend that is also obsessed with him. We call her Mrs.Dallas. Cameron Dallas makes funny vine videos and has Instagram!!
I am insanely in love with pomegranate! It's a fruit, just in case you didn't know. It is so good. It's a red fruit. There are no words to explain how good pomegranate is.
My family mean the world to me. I have a dad and mom, obviously. I have an older sister. She's in grade 9. She annoys me and gets on my nerves but I still love her because she is my sister. My grand-mother on my dads side is so funny! She's young, for a grand-mother. She always sings in the morning. And it's funny. She loves my dog. So does my grand-father on my dads side. He is soo funny! He always makes jokes. When it's time to eat whenever I ask what's for supper he says " Raccoon stew and squirrel pie. "
I love
My Family!
My cat's name is Siam. He is a little brat! He annoys me and meows all the time. He's cute though. He is a boy. He is 9 years old. Siam is a Siamese cat. He loves my mom but she's not a huge fan of him. :0 My cat has like.. more than awesome blue eyes! They're so big! He is cross eyed like every other Siamese cat.
My favorite movie
My favorite movie is Finding Nemo. Dory is the best. Nemo is the cutest and Nemos dad (Marlon) is the bravest. My favorite parts are...
Finding Nemo
Pictures from Finding Nemo!
That is one of my favorite parts
Ariana Grande is so pretty! She sings amazingly!! I watch videos of her on YouTube. I love her song The Way ft. Mac Miller.
My Favorite Colors
My dog's name is Kelly. She is so crazy! She broke her tail by getting too excited and hitting it on our door. She acts like a boy. But she is a female dog. She is a Texas Bullypit. She is 4. I love my dog to bits and pieces. <3
Siam <3
My top favorite color is red. i like red because its nice. I don't really know what to say about it but it's just my favorite color. My second favorite color is purple and my third is pink. I like those two colors because there are many different shades or whatever of them.
My favorite activities
When I was younger
When I was younger I was special.. ya you can put it that way. In pre-k I scratched a little boy in the face because he was bugging me. When i got home my grand-mother asked me.. Emma? So.. What did you do to Nichola today? I replied * I scriitched his face! * My mom wasn't happy at all. Another time I was at a hotel with my grand-parents and sister and I asked if i could trace the cover of her book and she said no. So I picked up the book walked up to her and smacked her across the face with it. It was a hard cover book... So yaa. My sister used to run and hide behind my moms back when | got mad at her.. Haha! The good days. <3
In winter I love going skating with my dad. I go a lot with my friends. In the summer I go biking play basketball with my dad and go to the pool a lot with a lot of people. In the fall i don't do much but sometimes i go out and make a pile of leaves then jump into them. If it isn't too cold and stuff i go biking too.in the spring i don't really know what i do. let me just say i ride my bike a lot.
Beyonce is so amazing! i listen to her music 24/7. I've never gone to any of her concerts but i hope i go to one soon! like i said i listen to many of her songs like... halo, countdown, if i were a boy, irreplaceable, grown woman, love on top, run the world, dance for you, pretty hurts, partition, flawless, put a ring on it, etc.
My Awesome uncle
I have an uncle on my moms side that looks like Adam Sandler. He acts funny all the time because he is. He makes jokes a lot. Most of the time I don't laugh at his jokes. He usually laughs at his own.
The King Of Pop
Michael <3
I love Michael Jackson so much! I watched the thing about him on tv when he died. He died in 2009 and was born in 1958. I was literally crying. have some type of thick poster thing for my wall in my room and I love it so much! I have a lot of Cd's of Michael Jackson. My aunt is in love with Michael Jackson. Whenever she comes over uhmm.. we put MJ on and dance around the house together. Sometimes she's cooking so I help her and we just sing weirdly (together). I don't want this to turn into a novel so I will stop now.
my Fears
I am terrified of the exorcist and the grudge. Sometimes I am scared of my closet and don't say I'm a baby because if you were to come over and open my closet door. You would understand, I have witnesses. :{
My Friends
I would die for my friends.. most of them. My friends are all I have other then my family. If It wasn't for my friends I wouldn't be who I am today. My friends are.. Cri Cri a.k.a (My Bae<3), Cynth, Lex, Bry, Mimi, Em, Maddy, Jai, Pat, Crysitall, Dal, Kate, Kiki, Kels, Giules etc. Sorry if I didn't say your name. Abby + Me = 5 year old brains forever!
My Future
When I'm older I want to be an actress. At the same time I don't because you don't get to see your family as much. My grand-mother wants me to be a kid model but I don't want to at all. i was laughing when she said that. I would also want to be a veterinarian but at the same time I wouldn't because I wouldn't want to see an animal pass away. I don't really know my future because when you're older things change a lot. When I'm older I might want to be a teacher or a... dentist person (nope) just some suggestions. I really don't know what I would want to be.
Good morning, afternoon, night whatever time it is and I hope you like my prezi!
Just A little something...
Sorry i just found this and started laughing so i put it in my Prezi.

Sorry Miss. Awesome computer teacher.
Two of the most awesome days of my life!!
One of the most awesome days of my life was at Maddy's party! It was so fun. We went to lazer quest and Maddy looked so scary. I got scared and dropped my gun as a surrendered by some guy I didn't know. Then i hears Abby call me and didn't remember to pick up my lazer quest gun so i tripped over it. Later on Maddy, Abby Crysitall and I went to Carlos and Pepes I'm not sure it might have been before we went to lazer quest but anyways we ate tacos and they were sooo good! we had giant smoothies. I had a mango smoothie. It was amazing! When we went to Maddy's place we were eating TCBY cake and Spencer dressed up as a wolf and scared us! He's so mean. He made me drop cake on my top. It was still good though. The other most amazing day of my life was at Cri Cri's party this year. We played hunger games or something like that in the park and had lik areas where we start and run out. We watched Were The Miller's. It's such a good movie!
My 2 top Favorite Shows.

My Top favorite show is The Fosters. It is such a good show. It is so interesting. I don't really know how to explain how I like it but I just do. I love The Fosters! my 2nd favorite show is Switched at Birth. Again I don't know what to say but it's such a good show and | watch it every Tuesday with my sister same as The Fosters.
I hope you enjoyed my prezi. It wasn't much but i tried my best. I thought of as many slides as \ can. My brain doesn't function so well with school work, sorry.
My Idol
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