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Facebook apps

Facebook app and how they can be used for the ILSC Fb website

Ernesto Ibarra

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Facebook apps

ILSC FB page Facebook app ideas Professional network connects
Facebook friends (page fans) to one another Search people by name or company
Allow IlSC students to connect with staff, teachers and people they met at ILSC, before, while, and after attending.
Good for building job connections.
Would help build a stronger community. LIVESTREAM APP Allows you to do live broadcasts to your fan page. Live showings of a class, fun last day or a special activity Interviews with teachers,
"Ask the teacher sessions". "Ask the student" session, where interested students can ask current students about their experience at IlSC Has a live chat while the live broadcast
is on so people watching can interact and comment about the broadcast Keeping the community connected, between former and current staff and students.
Good way of generating job opportunities for students after their time at school. (contacts) Everyone needs to be connected to the site, especially teachers, even former ones.
Current students, or people about to join the school might not be interested in establishing a professional connection Advantages Challenges Broadcasts of special activities or festivals going on on campus, holiday celebrations, etc. Broadcast of a student welcoming or orientation day. Good way of prospective students to know what to expect when they arrive. SIGN UP FORM TAB Needs someone to set up equipment before broadcast. Unlikely for teachers to learn how to do it.
Although easy it takes time to set up
Some teachers might feel uncomfortable if their class is recorded.
Some students might also feel uncomfortable being recorded, especially during orientation day.
Time of the broadcast varying with target market. If a class is recorded during 10am in Vancouver, for people in Brazil it will be 4 hours later, for people in Saudi Arabia might be even more, Asia too, etc. Prospective students might not be online while the broadcast is on in their countries. Although it takes time, it needs little equipment and it is relatively easy to set up.
Great way for prospective students to get a real feel of what the school environment is like. They can really know what to expect when they arrive.
Current students can tell their friends and family when they will be recorded and broadcasted. Friends will want to see them, and once they watch they can become interested in the school as well. (new costumers, market expansion)
Fun activity that the students might like, will make them be more involved in the web community of the school.
Will add more interactivity to the ILSC website. Advantages Challenges ONLINE ENGLISH
TEST Making a free online English test app aimed at prospective students. Other language schools already use it. ILAC Facebook page uses an app of this kind It gives the user 2 options before the test begins:
Whether they're taking the test because they are thinking of joining the school
That they are taking the test just to know they're English level and not because they are thinking of planning of studying. Both options ask for specific info and contact details so that promotional information can be sent to what may be a potential customer . Easy for a web developer to make
Low cost
Could replace the orientation and level placement tests for current students. (Ecologically friendly)
Better way for students during the placement test to get involved in the online web community since day one at ILSC. ( we can almost guarantee they will be connected to the school via the facebook page, even once they leave. They would need to like the page to do the test.) The need to actually make the app via a web developer
Not free
Too many changes would have to be made IF this test were to replace the placement test. Complicated. Not an overnight thing ADVANTAGES Challenges Pinterest Gets costumers to sign up, contact or join your mailing list Mail chimp Constant Contact API Collect costumer data safely as a .csv file for download. Challenges Some people might no like to get promotional and market info in their mail
Completing a form takes time, and that's something a lot of web users are not willing to spend. Advantages Free and easy to use app for the admin and the user.
Tab ready for the Facebook timeline for easy visibility
Good way of sending quick info for prospective students.
Good way of increasing the "contact client list" for e-marketing. App that provides real time costumer support to page fans and potential costumers and clients Challenges Advantages Not a free app, paid, 30 day free trial.
Would have to have some one to answer the chat, one or two people. (Could be interns). Very simple and easy app to use.
Good for developing a sense of " Good quality service" in prospective students minds"
Good for answering quick questions from page visitors and making them more interested in the school.
First time visitors can become potential costumers and clients very quickly using an app like this one. New and upcoming social network that allows you to have boards or profiles with pins (pictures) that allows you to post various links to other pages Great way to expand into a new social network using our already base social network facebook pinterest has great visibility in comparison to other social networks Although small...it has a learning curve
New social network, doesn't have a lot of users yet, there is a chance it might not become popular Challenges Advantages Good way to expand into a new social network
Great way to to link blog posts to the facebook page by posting "pins"
Free app
Great visibility allows for better marketing and promotion of the school
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