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Teacher Performance, Evaluation, and Compensation

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danielle cordray

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Teacher Performance, Evaluation, and Compensation

Teacher Performance, Evaluation, and Compensation
Whose Performance
Whose Doing the Evaluation?
How Often do Teachers get Evaluated?

- New teachers can be evaluated up to three times a year.
What is a Performance Based System?
Pay incentives linked to individual performance levels

Reward for classroom performance and academic outcomes
Administrators Assessment

Students Academic Achievement
Administrators Look At:

Test Scores

Improvement from year to year
Teacher Education And Mentoring
Two year program for new teachers
Given trained mentors
5 Modules
Classroom Environment
Professional Responsibility
Provisional Educator Certificate
I believe a good teacher strictly enforces rules
I believe good teaching is based off of the sole creativity of the teacher
I believe good teachers teach
to the book

I believe a strong student teacher relationship plays a big part in what constitutes a good teacher
Can A Good Teacher Change Students Lives?
I believe test scores are a strong indicator as to how well the teacher is teaching
I believe the environment of the classroom indicates the quality of a teacher
Pros of a Performance Based System
Forces teachers to work harder to get more pay
Other teachers are able to see what the administrators are looking for in a good teacher

May help to recruit and retain some of the brightest of teachers
Teachers are already unpaid. A performance based system would help address this injustice
"One cannot say completely at any one moment exactly how an education has or has not succeeded in shaping an individual's life. There is an element of mystery in how it works that can elude even the most assiduous statistician. That is not something to be decried, but something to be treasured by anyone who values knowledge and teaching."
Cons of a Performance Based System
North Carolina
Encourages Competition Rather than Collaboration

No clear definition of what constitutes a “good teacher”

Relying on test scores can present issues

Changing approach:
Improving Content
Respectful Environment
Facilitate Learning
Improving Process
Bias and favoritism

Teachers should want to teach to serve the kids, not for the money

Parental Upset

Takes away the ability for teachers to teach as they wish

Can This Effect Where You Might Want to Teach?
When you reward teachers for student achievement, it can become difficult for teachers to want to teacher certain kids, in certain districts

Performance: The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task or function
Value added model
Teacher Evaluation
- Why does evaluation work?

- Veteran teachers can go up to five years without an evaluation
How Is Teachers Effectiveness Measured?

Improvement Opportunities for Teachers
Core Standards vs. Seed Standards


CCT Rubric for Effective teaching.

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