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JISC funded project about managing visual arts research data in UK Higher Education

Marie-Therese Gramstadt

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of KAPTUR

sustainability modelling Four institutional Research Data Management (RDM) policies suitable for the visual arts:

KAPTUR RDM discussion paper:

The policies are also available here: through the role of the Steering Group
through involvement of high-level senior management as Project Sponsors
sending a clear message that managing visual arts research data has senior-management buy-in
through the clear and focused roles of each KAPTUR Project Officer managing visual arts research data with four institutional partners: KAPTUR environmental assessment In this Prezi: photo of studio space © Goldsmiths, University of London

Twitter: technical infrastructure training/support Links
blog posts:
report on initial probing interviews:
methodology document:
interview questions:
environmental assessment report: training plan:

4 workshops:

external workshop:
3 toolkits:

case studies: Fig.1. visual arts research as a "continuum" over time with "organisational moments" at which research data may be actualised technical analysis report:

technical case study:

creation and piloting of a system for managing visual arts research data: CKAN During the project:

IT costs model:

Business plan template: structure outlined in the training plan; presentations available from: 1. introduction to research data; 2. data management planning; 3. managing the material: 4 institutional case studies available from:
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