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No description

Aye-Issah S

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Sun

Topic 2
What is the Sun?
The Sun is a big star in the center of the
solar system; the Sun was born in a big cloud
of gas and dust around 5 billion years ago.
I chose Uranus because I thought that Uranus would be a great planet to do it had beautiful color and now is my favorite planet.Plus it was discovered In March 13!!! Some people even say Uranus is Planet Earth’s husband!

What are stars made out of?
Stars are made of very hot gas.
This gas is mostly hydrogen and helium,
which are the two lightest elements.
The different types of stars are
When a Supernova dies a
many large stars explode as well .
Red Dwarf –
Red Dwarf stars are smaller
than our sun
Super giant –
A Super Giant is a big star

Blue Giant –
There really hot so
that means they die quickly

What are the
different types of stars?
What are the 12
The constellations are





What is the Milky way?
The Milky way is faint band of light crossing the night sky, made up of plenty numbers of faint stars forming the galaxy. The Milky Way is the galaxy in which we live. It is a spiral shaped galaxy that contains about 200 billion stars, including our Sun. It is about 100,000 light-years away
What is so special about the sun?
The sun is so special because it keeps us warm from all the
cold and at the same time it’s not that hot to burn you.
If there was no sun there would be no life on earth.
What would happen to earth if there was no sun?
If there was no sun on Earth there would not be life
because no trees or plants for food and it would be too
cold for anyone and no trees mean no oxygen plus there
would be no daylight.
How was the sun
The Sun was created by the Sun was born
in abig cloud of gas and dust around
5 billion years ago.
What are Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis and how is the sun involved in their creation?
A Aurora Borealis is a colourful sky but an Aurora Borealis is a colourful sky in the Northern Hemisphere.
A Aurora Australis is a colourful sky in the Sothern Hemisphere.
Auroras are made, not from the gunpowder, but partly by the Sun. The suns hot surface called solar flares make the aurora so bright it’s not hard to miss when you see.
What is Jupiter's Distance from the sun?
Jupiter's distance from the sun is 778,500,000 km away.
How long does it take for Jupiter to orbit the sun?
It takes Jupiter 4,330.6 Earth days to orbit the sun.
What is Jupiter made out of?
Jupiter is made out of hydrogen, helium, methane and ammonia.
Where is Jupiter situated?
It is located after Mars and before Saturn and about 483 million miles from the sun. In other words, it's pretty far away.
Why did I chose Uranus?
Why did I chose Jupiter?
I chose Jupiter because it was the biggest planet in the solar system.
What is Uranus ' Distance from the sun?
Uranus' distance from the sun is 2,877,000,000 km away.
What is Uranus made out of?
The planet has a rocky center, but the outer layer is probably mostly made of ice, frozen ammonia, and frozen methane.
How long does it take for Uranus to orbit the sun?
It takes 30,648 days Uranus to orbit the sun once.
Where is Uranus situated?
Uranus is located between the orbits of Saturn and Neptune.
How many moons does each of the planets in the solar system have?
Mercury: 0
Venus: 0
Earth: 1
Mars: 2
Jupiter: 63
Saturn: 60
Uranus: 5
Neptune: 27
Pluto: 0
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