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Does Nail Polish Affect The Growth Of Nails ?

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Lauren Terrazas

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Does Nail Polish Affect The Growth Of Nails ?

Nail Growth Observation
My experiment was conducted within two weeks and involved two test subjects. Subject A did wear nail polish and Subject B did not wear nail polish.
On Sunday of my first week I applied two coats of nail polish to have accurate outcomes. Keep in mind that the nails were cut as short as possible ,and I did not apply any Nail Growth/Top Coat polishes.
Have you ever wondered if nail polish affects the growth of your nails ?
The purpose of me conducting this experiment is to determine whether or not nail polish causes your nails to grow slower or faster. I predict that when wearing nail polish your nails will take longer to grow, as apposed to someone who is not wearing nail polish.
Data & Results
Within the first four days I noticed that the nail polish started chipping. By the end of the first week there was no improvement in the growth of Subject A's nails. Though some nail polish was still intact. By the second week Subject A's nails began to break ,and sadly only about a centimeter grew.
Discussion of Results
If your looking to improve your nail growth suggest staying away from nail polish for a while. After this experiment I've learned that nail polish causes my nails to grow slower than when im not wearing nail polish.
The reason I chose to do this experiment in particular is because I find that my nails seem to never grow to my desired length. I for the most part always wear nail polish. For two weeks I have been observing my nails and how the react to/without nail polish.
To perform my experiment I used ....
Nail Polish
A ruler

Subject B's nails definitely grew more than Subject A's did by the beginning of week two. The reason for this was Subject B did not wear nail polish.
After my observations I definitely noticed how much slower my nails were growing with nail polish. There was a clear difference between the length of Subject A's nails and Subject B's nails.
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