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No description

navneel naicker

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Facebook

Don't post inappropriate pictures
How to sign up

To sign up for Facebook you would go to the link www.Facebook.com, where a screen would pop
Facebook Info
Facebook is like a Drug Pill.
Many people stress over Facebook.
Don't be a Bully.

What not to do on Facebook

Think before you post info
Don't talk to strangers or add strangers
Report/block if anyone is bothering you and or you don't know
What I can do on Facebook
Add only people I know
Talk to people I only know
Post pictures and info wisely
Comment on pictures appropriately
Comment unnecessary things
Editing messages
Remember what goes online stays online
You could delete messages and type new ones but remember most of the things stay online
Think twice before posting the comment
To edit a message/comment or delete it to write a new one you would slide the comment box to the left
Type in your address and your full name
Facebook will ask you for some personal information
Read the Terms and Conditions
Conform your account via email
The Purpose of
the is to connect with
your friends
The Purpose
Don't Bully
Stay Polite
Use it within in limits
Adding contacts
Search for the person you want to add
And simple as 123 you click add
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