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5 Themes of Wisconsin

No description

Brooke Basile

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Wisconsin

5 Themes of Geography By: Brooke Basile Location Madison (the capital) is at 43º N 89º W Wisconsin is North of Illinois, South of Canada
East of Minnesota, and West of Michigan The top ten populated cities are Milwaukee:
594,833 ,Madison:233,209 , Green Bay: 104,057, Kenosha: 99,218, Racine: 78,860, Appleton: 72,623, Waukesha: 70,718, Oshkosh: 65,883, Eau Claire: 65,883, and Janesville: 63,575 Place The Official size of Wisconsin is 65,503 The Highest Point in the state is Timms Hill During the winter temperaturescan fall to minus 40 to 30 degrees F. The average temperature
in July is 58 degrees F. Human- Environment interaction The people of Wisconsin dress in long pants and jackets in the winter to keep warm and shorts and a t-shirt in the summer to keep warm. The forms of energy we use include:
gas, wind, and electricity Frank Lloyd Wright (Americas most famous arcitect) was born in Richland center. Movement We transport goods
and people by airplanes,
barges, trucks, and train The ways of we have of sharing ideas are:
social media, cell phones, online blogs The majority of the people living in Wisconsin, live in Milwaukee. It is populated to about 594,833 people Regions Some popular tourist attractions are:
Betty Brinn children's museum,
Milwaukee Art museum, Henry Vilas zoo,
and Noah's Ark Wisconsin is a Democracy. It was the 3oth state, founded by French fur trappers and missionaries.
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