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Ancient Greek Contribution's

In this presentation we will introduce how the ancient Greeks contributed to modern government and how they influence our way of thought

Sean Palmer

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Contribution's

Greek Government Main Political Contribution

Greeks contributed to modern government
by introducing democracy. Democracy in
Greek meaning demo; people, and kratos;
rule. In Ancient Greece only free men could
vote. They could not be slaves and had to be
born in greece. Begining of Shared Power with Citizens

Each year citizens are selected to fill no fewer than 600 goverment positions throught the system called "lottery". Example of Lottery Law in Ancient Athens

Citizens could speak in court, own land and serve in the army. About fourty times a year men would go to the assembly at the Agora. In court a water clock called a Clepsydra used to measure the lenght of speeches. Speakers could only speak for as long as it took water to run from one bowl to the other. Athenian's way of getting rid of polititians they could not trust

Once a year the assembly members could vote against the politians they disliked. Citizens wrote names of unpopular politians on pottery. The man who receives more than 6,000 votes had to leave Athens for 10 years. Example of Vote How the Accused are Judged in Court

After a trial, jury members cast judgement with bronze discs. Solid centers to show innocent and a hollow center to show accused guilty. Example of Bronze Disk Greek Government History

Monarchy was gone at the end of the Mycenaean civilization. Although in sparta a dual king-ship that existed in Sparta because of it's complex oligarch system instead of Monarchy. The Greek meaning of Oligarchy is "rule by the few". Although Athens was concidered the first to inforce Democracy as it's main form of government, other city-states showed signs of early forms of democracy by giving citizens the power to join in governing. Brief of City-States Athens and Sparta

Sparta ruled their army and were relentless due to their teaching habbits to become the fiersest army known in all Greece and possibly the world at the time. It was no surprise that they had the strongest army of all city-states in Greece due to their teachings. Athens became the democratic city in 508 B.C.E Sparta Army Although all the Ancient Greek City-States shared the same beliefs and language they did not act like a single nation and mainly always resulted to conflict with each other. Solon, considered one of the 7 wise men of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks considered Solon the 7 wise men. He was a poet, politician and law maker and was the founder of democracy. Work Cited

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