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Welcome to HM Training

No description

Jessie Nash

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to HM Training

Welcome to HM Training
That's us.
The Dream Team
GPC Walkthroughs
Mentor Groups
Check out iPad, etc., meet ushers, review event sheet
Meet with client
Doors time? Event start time?
Hold doors?
Comp tickets?
Meet with tech
Make sure ushers understand their role/capacity/policies
Check with tech & client before opening doors
Groups are assigned at the beginning of each semester based on availability
you can change your meeting time at your first meeting ONLY if everyone agrees to it
Agendas will be sent out at beginning of the week
Give time for your mentees to ask questions
What are they?
Assigned by Jessie
email will be sent after GPC assignment email goes out
Report back to Jessie by the end of the night via email (cupsehm) how they went
Look for things like uniform and appearance, technology use, attentiveness, etc.
Make it casual!! Do not scare them or make it awkward. Do not spy on them, but make it seem like you're just checking in or saying hi.
What are they?
Monitor capacity
under no circumstances do you go over
One person inside the venue at all times
if it's not you, check in periodically
One person outside the venue at all times
Make sure no one is standing in the back or sitting in the aisles
Open doors for patrons and be aware of any possible intermissions
Cutting ushers
Must have at least 2 at all times
1 per 150 people after the initial 150
As a mentor, you are also a go-to for your mentees, so be prepared for phone calls and texts. Let your mentees know you are available to them.
You are also expected to be of extra-help during Evaluations for your mentees, so make sure you are paying attention to how they act.
If something comes up, you can reschedule with your mentee for a one-on-one meeting, but they MUST let you know ahead of time.
If they miss a mentor meeting, let Jessie know. It will be treated like missing a shift.
Courtney will also put these on your schedules.
More things...
HM Meetings
Other Expectations
Hold doors and say goodbye to patrons
Cannot leave until everyone has vacated
Can cut ushers if you're only waiting on the client to leave
Make sure everything is back in it's proper place if it has been moved
Event Report
Thorough & Constructive
it is your responsibility to read all reports-sent over listserv
never write something negative about a fellow employee unless you have approached them and notified him/her of his/her mistake. Go over strengths/improvements when cut.
unexcused absences will be treated like missing a shift
Courtney will put them on our schedules!
Doodle- fill it out!
During shifts, think of things that should be addressed during HM/Mentor meetings
bring up concerns/accolades about ushers
What are they for?
Usher evaluations
at the end of every shift
link in the shift report
Make sure to remind your ushers to evaluate you at the end of every shift
New rubric
Conflict Resolution
Criticism should be given with grace and desire to better the individual and the union, rather than a place of superiority and power.
Evaluations, etc
It is vital to stay calm under pressure. Strong, negative emotions only make the situation more difficult to handle.
Apologizing is the best tool for diffusing an angry client. Regardless of whether the HM feels responsible for his/her client's dissatisfaction, an apology should be given along with comforting words if possible.
It is also helpful to reassure the client that we are doing everything we can to resolve the issue and/or prevent it in the future.
Communication between HM and client as well as between HM and Usher(s) is key for a successful event.
Ask your ushers for advice- they know a lot!
Problem Solving
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