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"That Was Then, This Is Now

No description

Jamie Cannon

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of "That Was Then, This Is Now

That Was Then, This Is Now
By: S.E. Hinton By: Jamie Cannon Mood The mood of this book changes as it progresses. In the beginning the two main charecters Mark and Bryon seem to have a carefree attitude, but that all changes when Bryon meets his girlfriend Cathy. The mood changes to Mark and Bryon 's relationship becoming strained. The boys struggle to be around each other and stop hanging out. The main mood in this book is growing up and drifting apart. Conflicts Bryon and Mark face both inner and outer conflicts. Bryon has to deal with the fact that he is growing up and maturing while Mark is still acting like he was. Bryon also has to face a major inner conflict at the end. He has to deal with wheather or not he made the best decision when he turned in Mark. The main conflict Mark and Bryon face is they use to be like brothers, but now they are slowly growing apart. The theme of this book is growing apart from someone who you are close with. Bryon and Mark were like brothers and when Bryon started maturing Mark did not know what to do. When Bryon made the rash decision to turn Mark in he told Bryon that he hated him and that was the only reason Mark allowed him to visit him. Theme

Bryon: is a sixteen year old boy who has been best friends with Mark since they were little kids.

Mark: is Bryon's best friend who lives with Bryon and his mom since his parents killed each other during a druken fight.

Cathy: is M&M's sister and Bryon's girlfriend.

M&M: is Cathy's younger brother

Charlie: owns the pool hall and saved Bryon and Mark from being killed, but died in the process. Charecters Setting This book takes place on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1960's. It is mainly in the poorer part of the city, Summary In the begininng of the book we meet Bryon and Mark. Two 16 year old boys who are like brothers. They hang out with together and are always together. This changes when Bryon meets Cathy. He starts spending more time with her and less time with Mark. At a school dance Mark is seriously injured and Bryon takes care of him. They decide to go hustle people in their friend Charlie's bar. They hustle two Texans who figure out what they are doing.The Texans corner them in an alley and Charlie comes to the rescue, but he dies saving them. One night when they were driving "The Ribbon" M&M Cathy's brother and Bryon and Mark's friend runs away to a hippie house. Mark know's he is there but does not say anything at first. Later on they find M&M who has taken acid and had a bad trip. The doctors tell them his brain is fried and he may never be the same. Upset by the days events when Bryon finds pills under Mark's bed he makes a rash decision to call the police on Mark. He pleads with Bryon but it is to late. Bryon and Cathy break up and Mark tells Bryon he hates him when he visits him in jail. Recommendation I would recommend this book to everyone. You learn a lesson in a creative way. If I had to chose between "That was Then This is Now" and " Jacob Have I Loved" I would not be able to choose. I liked both books.
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